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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2121 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2121 by desirenovel

“‘The man who raped your sister is named Terry Simmons, right?” Luke, who had been standing behind Gwen in silence, asked suddenly.

Sean paused for a moment, then nodded. “Yes, his name is Terry Simmons. He’s a man I worked with when I was still at the factory…”

“I’ve already caught him.” Luke shot him an impassive glance and continued in a calm tone, as though he was discussing what to eat for dinner, “What do you plan to do to him? Do you want me to cut off his leg or arm? Or…perhaps dispose of the thing he used to sexually assault your sister with?”

He curled his lips into a smirk and added, “You don’t even have to do this yourself; my men will help you take care of it.”

Sean’s entire body stiffened when he heard this.

He stared at Luke dazedly, his face debossed with disbelief. He had never seen this man before, nor did he know who this person was, but from the way he looked and the things he had…

It sent chills down his spine.

He was suggesting cutting off Terry’s leg or arm and even…dispose of his reproductive organ… Even though this malicious thought had crossed Sean’s mind before, it was only out of anger, and he would never have done it.

Sean knew that he was not capable of doing this at all, and even if he had, he would have to take responsibility for his actions.

Would he be able to escape?

Even if he could, who would take care of Nikki?

However…the man standing before him was telling him so nonchalantly that he could help him achieve this without even needing his participation. Luke curled his lips into a smile when he saw the shocked look on Sean’s face. “You’re a naïve little child.”

It was clear Sean had no idea who Luke was.

However, in Merchant City, anyone who had even the slightest connection to any of the gangsters in the city would know who Luke was.

Therefore, it was clear that Sean had never been anywhere near these sorts of people.

As soon as he thought of this, Luke chuckled and added, “Since you don’t really know what’s going on, I’ll make the decision for you. “I’ve decided to take away what’s most important to him so that he can’t hurt any more girls.” Then, he turned around and strode out of the lobby to make a call. Sean stared , gaping, at the man who was on the phone outside the hospital, his entire body

frozen in shock.

A split second later, he turned to stare at Bonnie. “Your… Your friend? What does he do for a living?”

“He’s a gangster,” Gwen answered before Bonnie could even open her mouth. “He’s my boyfriend and the head honcho of all the gangs in Merchant City. “He meant what he said earlier, and he’s indeed capable of making this happen, but don’t feel pressured, please. “The reason he’s helping you is that Bonnie is partly responsible for what happened to your sister, and since Bonnie’s my friend, there’s no way I’d sit idly and let this happen.” Then, she gave Sean a once-over and could not help feeling even more astounded at the second glance. “Is this your new boyfriend? A replacement for Jim?”

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