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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2118 by desirenovel

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2118 by desirenovel

Nikki clutched the rope tightly, refusing to let go, and struggled against Sean’s grip. “You’re a liar! I don’t matter to you at all!

“My life is worth even less than your precious Ms. Craig’s finger!”

Sean furrowed his brows, summoning all the strength in his body to pull Nikki down. Finally, the rope snapped, and Nikki’s body landed against his.

“When have I ever told you you don’t matter? When had I ever told you that your life is worth even less than Ms. Craig’s finger?

“Nikki, we grew up together, and even though we’re not real siblings, you’re like a sister to me! Don’t say things like these in the future anymore, and don’t stay mad at me, okay?”

Tears slid down Nikki’s cheeks when she heard this.

She wrapped her arms around Sean’s shoulders and sobbed, “But Sean, you already know that… “I’ve never been content with being your little sister. I—”

“That’s enough,” Sean stopped her short.

He held her close to his body and turned to gaze at the mess around him.

He could tell Nikki had told the truth. Judging from her torn clothes and the stains on her body, it was clear what had happened here.

Not only that, but the bedsheets were stained bright red. She…was raped.

Sean’s entire mind was engulfed in guilt.

He picked up the bedsheet and wrapped it around Nikki’s body. “I’m bringing you to the hospital first, and then I’ll go lodge a police report.”

He had to get to the bottom of this. Nikki slumped against his arms and closed her eyes. “But Sean…that man… I think he was one of your ex-coworkers. “He was wearing…the uniform of the factory you used to work at.” Sean’s entire body was frozen in shock, as though he had been struck by lightning. The man was wearing the uniform of the factory he used to work at…? Sean suddenly remembered what his boss had told him over the phone. He had claimed that he was too busy to check on Nikki himself, so he sent one of his workers to do so.

However, Sean had not managed to get through to the number that his boss had given him…

He had thought it was because the man’s phone had run out of battery or because he had been too busy taking care of Nikki and thus did not notice his phone ringing, but at this moment…

He finally understood why the man did not pick up his calls!

That man had done unspeakable things to Nikki!

Sean narrowed his eyes.

He placed Nikki in the front passenger seat, then got into the car and started the engine, staring at the road with bloodshot eyes. “Even if he’s my ex-coworker, I’ll make him pay for this.

“Even if he and I don’t work together anymore, it doesn’t justify him doing this to you! “However, I may have to go to the police station a little later than planned.” He would beat the shit out of the man before sending him to jail! Sitting in the passenger seat, Nikki clutched the sheets close to her and glanced at Sean, who was driving with a furious expression. “Thank you, Sean.” A surge of guilt swept into Sean’s heart upon hearing this. He let out a sigh and replied, “It was all my fault this even happened to you…” If he had not left Nikki home alone when he went to save Bonnie… If he had brought Nikki along with him…would things have turned out differently?

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