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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2008

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2008

Rage surged into Jim’s heart when he heard this. “You’re lying!”

He fixed his dark, penetrating stare on Bonnie’s face and furiously retorted, “You can’t possibly have done it for money!”

He had investigated everything about this woman; she was the last heir to the Craig family business and had inherited every last penny of the family fortune.

According to rough estimations, the Craig family was worth almost as much as the Landry family.

Not only that, but after suffering the financial losses as a result of Joshua’s attacks, the Craig family had already surpassed the Landry family in terms of wealth and assets! How could Bonnie say that she was trying to trick him out of his money?

“Who wouldn’t want more money?” Bonnie retorted as though she could tell what he was thinking. She flung his arm away, sneering. “Haven’t you always thought of me as this kind of person, Jim? From the moment I approached you, you’ve thought I was just trying to take advantage of you after losing your memories.

“No matter how much I tried to explain everything, and no matter what Luna said, you refused to believe that you and I had been in love in the past.

“Why do you not believe me now if that’s what you’ve always taken as the truth since the start?”

Her gaze was etched with disdain and contempt. “Why do you think I’m lying now? Tell me, Mr. Jim Landry, what do I have to do to make you satisfied?”

Jim narrowed his eyes upon hearing this.

He had to admit that Bonnie was right. He had indeed doubted her intentions in the past, but…

Everything that happened over the last two days made him certain that Bonnie would never do something like this.

Children would not lie; they were not capable of pretending whom they liked and whom they did not.

Because of this, Jim could tell that Harvey and Shelly both truly adored Bonnie, and Bonnie, too, had taken great care of the two children.

If they had never dated in the past, and if she truly had been Christopher’s girlfriend…she would not have taken care of the children so diligently.

In that case, she would have taken more of a liking to June instead.

However, he could tell that Bonnie and June were not very close. In fact, she had only brought Harvey and Shelly with her to Landry Mansion and had left June behind.

This meant that…

jim narrowed his eyes and stared at Bonnie. “We’ve dated in the past, haven’t we?”

“It doesn’t matter anymore.” Bonnie sneered and turned around. “Jim, you’ve already told me that the fact you couldn’t remember any of this means it never mattered to you at all.

“Since it bears no importance, I don’t think there’s a need to talk about it anymore.”

With that, she strode away once more.

Jim remained motionless and felt a twinge of pain shoot through his heart as he watched Bonnie leave.

It hurt him so much that he could not help crouching down in pain.

As he did so, he accidentally stepped on a loose rock on the ground and lost his balance.

Immediately, he reached out with his right hand, which he had burned on the kettle, to prop himself up.

The excruciating pain that shot up from his palm made him grunt.

Bonnie had not gone far yet, and when she heard him grunt, she furrowed her brows but did not stop. “Jim, you don’t have to pretend that you’ve hurt yourself. I won’t…”

Despite saying this, she could not help stopping in her tracks and turning to glance at him. Behind her, Jim’s palm had been cut by the sharp edge of the rock and was bleeding.

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