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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2004

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2004

Honnte still remembered how much It had hurt for her to get this tattoo.

mitially, even though she had always thought this birthmark was hideous, she never intended to hide it with a tattoo at all.

When she was still at the orphanage, she had once complained about her birthmark to the boy she had met there, but what he told her next delighted her so much that she changed her mind about her birthmark

He had said, “I heard that some angels helped God carry out a lot of good deeds while they were in heaven, so in order for God to repay them for their kindness, he deliberately left marks on their bodies when he sent them back down to earth as humans so he wouldn’t lose track of them

“That way, God will be able to recognize them for who they are and send his blessings their way.”

This was the first time Bonnie had ever heard anyone explaining it this way, so she widened her eyes in excitement and asked, “Are you saying that I was an angel in my past life, and God will bless me in this one?”

The boy nodded earnestly. “Yes, this birthmark is a symbol of good luck and happiness, and it means that you’ll have a good life in the future, with God’s blessing!”

At that time, Bonnie was so overjoyed to hear this that she never thought of her birthmark as hideous ever again.

However, everything changed when she met Jason.

Every time Jason wanted to get intimate with her, he would lose interest as soon as he caught sight of the birthmark on her shoulder.

Therefore, Bonnie decided to spend her bursary money on a tattoo to conceal her birthmark so that Jason would not be so repulsed by her.

However, as soon as Jason found out that she had spent a fortune on the tattoo, he was so angry that he beat her up.

Bonnie let out a sigh when she recalled these memories, then lowered her head to glance at her birthmark.

Was this a symbol of God’s blessing?

She found that harder to believe already.

After all, apart from inheriting tens of billions of dollars from her family fortune, there had never been another moment when she felt happy and blessed,

Maybe, to other people, the money she had inherited was her blessing

“Did you get this tattoo to cover a birthmark?” Harvey inched closer in curiosity and scrutinized the skin of Bonnie’s shoulder. He could see, in between the lines and colors, the faint markings of the birthmark concealed underneath the rose,

He was a little shocked by this and lifted his head to stare at Bonnie. “Bonnie, can I take a photo? Your tattoo is absolutely stunning!”

Bonnie shot him a helpless glance. “Of course you can.”

Harvey quickly brought out his camera and took a photo of Bonnie’s shoulder. Then, he uploaded it in his cloud drive with the remark, (The flower that blooms not in a field, but on one’s shoulder).

Every square meter of Merchant City center was so expensive that some people could not even afford to buy a bathroom here despite working their entire lives.

However, at this moment, Charlotte sat in a 300-square-feet villa smack dab in the middle of Merchant City.

The frustration of Jim bringing up the orphanage dissipated as soon as she stepped foot into the villa.

She paced around the room in excitement, her entire heart bursting with delight.

She was the happiest woman in Merchant City!

This villa was worth at least billions of dollars, and she would become the owner of this place!

She was no longer the small, weak little Number -12 who was constantly bullied by the other children at the orphanage anymore!

Charlotte’s face was etched with joy and euphoria as she paced around the villa, looking at her surroundings.

After walking through the house a few times, she finally exhaled, strode over to Jim, and lifted her head to look at him. “Jim, can I renovate this place? I think the decoration is a little too drab, and it doesn’t suit our status at all!” Jim glanced at her, smiling.

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