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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2001

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2001

Joshua was worth it…unlike Jim.

As soon as she thought of this, Bonnie started to doubt her decision to keep the baby.

Was she really going through with the pregnancy?

Jim was not worth her sacrifice at all,

“Careful, careful.”

At this moment, Sean had returned to the car, and with Harvey’s help, he slowly brought Shelly out of her seat. He carried her in his arms carefully, as though he were afraid she would break.

Bonnie had to admit that in many aspects, Sean was almost an identical copy of Jim.

As she watched him carry Shelly, she could not help imaging the scene of Jim holding their future baby in his arms.

As soon as she thought of this, Bonnie felt as though an invisible hand was squeezing her heart.

“Bonnie?” Harvey walked over to her, having noticed the sorrow in her eyes, and gently clasped her hand. “It’s getting late now; shall we go rest?”

He even grinned at her, trying to lighten the mood. “You still have to accompany me to Aunt Luna and Uncle Joshua’s house to bring June here tomorrow.

“Now that Uncle Christopher isn’t in Merchant City, I’m the closest family she has, and I promised her that I’ll take good care of her.”

A surge of warmth spread into Bonnie’s heart, accompanied by a twinge of sadness.

She crouched to hug him and replied, “Okay. Men should stick to their word.”

She hoped that Harvey would grow up to be a man of his word, unlike the people she had encountered in her past…

For example, the young boy she had met at the orphanage when she was young, who had promised her that he would return for her but did not show up.

Jason, who had promised that he would take care of her but almost killed her.

Jim, who had promised that he would marry no one else but her, but what happened after that?

He could not even remember a single detail of their time together.

“Bonnie…” Harvey let out a sigh, grabbed hold of her face, and pressed a kiss on her cheek.” Don’t worry; you have me. From the moment I decided that you would be my new Mommy i knew I’d try my best to make you happy!”

Bonnie immediately came to, and as she met Harvey’s bright, hopeful gaze, she suddenly realized she should not be acting so sullenly in front of the children.

Therefore, she forced herself to perk up, kissed Harvey back on his cheek, then turned to smile at Sean. “Come on. You can bring Shelly into the house first, then come back out for the rest of the luggage.”

Sean nodded, then quickly strode into the Landry Mansion’s yard, holding the baby gingerly in his arms.

In the distance, Jim and Charlotte’s car had turned around, and they could see Bonnie and Sean chatting happily from inside the vehicle.

There was a happy, gentle smile on her face, and her eyes were bright and animated.

After smiling at him, she said something to Sean that they could not hear, to which Sean responded with a grin and a reply of his own.

Then, the two of them turned and entered the yard together, with the baby in Sean’s arms.

Jim narrowed his eyes when he saw this.

Charlotte, on the other hand, sighed. “They look like such an adorable family.”

“What on earth are you talking about?” Jim clenched his fists and turned to glance coldly at her. “Harvey and Shelly are my kids!”

With that, he narrowed his eyes and asked, “Isn’t Shelly your daughter, too? If so, why would you think she and Bonnie would make an adorable family?”

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