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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1997

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1997

“You have to look into this, Daddy.”

Joshua nodded. “Don’t worry about it; I will.”

Bonnie was Luna’s best friend and Jim’s girlfriend before he lost his memories.

Harvey was technically Joshua’s nephew too, and on top of that, his son Nigel had been on the plane on which the bomb was planted.

Out of respect to his cousin Jim, as well as his devotion and responsibility toward Luna and Nigel… Joshua would find the culprit behind this no matter what.

Luna sniffed and said somewhat angrily, “What is there to investigate? It’s clearly Charlotte’s doing!”

The only person who was threatened by Harvey’s return was Charlotte. Therefore, the only person that would plant a bomb on the plane in an attempt to kill the children was no one but her!

“I know.” Joshua shot her a helpless glance. “However, you know fully well how much Jim trusts her now, and if we accuse her of this without any concrete evidence, he will never believe us.”

Luna pursed her lips. She knew Joshua was right, but…she still could not help feeling frustrated by this.

She lifted her head to stare hopefully at Joshua. “Do you think that Jim’s agreeing to let Bonnie stay at Landry Mansion and send Charlotte away…is a good sign that he and Bonnie will get back together?”

Joshua glanced at Luna’s expectant gaze and suddenly could not bear to bring her bad news anymore.

He walked over to her side and picked her up from the ground. “Maybe it is, but now, all I can think of is getting back together with you.”

Luna widened her eyes in shock upon hearing this.

Before she could even react, Joshua had already picked her up and was heading up the stairs. –

She immediately struggled against his grip, trying to escape, and glanced at Nigel, who was still seated on the sofa in silence. She lowered her voice and said, “Put me down! Nigel is watching us! It’s not good to let the children see us like this!”

“Why is that so?” Joshua interrupted her. “It’s not like they don’t know we’re married. Besides

He continued in a low voice, “Don’t forget that the children had still been under the

  • Impression that you and I haven’t reconciled yet, so don’t you think it’d be great to let them

see us like this?”

Luna did not know how to argue with this.

She bit her lip, snaked her arm around his neck, and buried her head against his chest.

Joshua smiled when he saw how embarrassed she was and quickened his steps as he made his way to the bedroom.

Meanwhile, downstairs , Nigel watched quietly as Joshua and Luna disappeared at the end of the stairs.

When he heard the door close behind them, he let out a sigh, took out his phone, and typed a message to his brother and sister. (The two of them are fine now.)

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