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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1996

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1996

“A..a bomb?” Luna immediately took a step back and stared incredulously at the box before her. “This thing is…a bomb?”

“Yes.” Nigel smiled at her calmly and was about to open the box when Luna stopped him.

She quickly went into the kitchen to check that the gas stove had been turned off, then closed the kitchen door behind her. She also gathered all the lighters and flammable products within the room and hid them somewhere else.

After doing all this, she shot the box a wary glance and said, “Okay, you can open it now.”

Nigel curled his lips into a smile but did not say a word.

Joshua, on the other hand, pulled her into his arms and said impassively, “It’s just a bomb; you don’t have to be so paranoid.”

Luna shot him an accusing glare. “What do you mean I’m paranoid? Don’t you know how powerful bombs can be?”

Just a single explosion could destroy their entire house! Surely it was better to be safe than sorry?

“Don’t worry.” Joshua curled his lips into a smile and glanced at her. “The fact that Nigel had brought it out to show you meant that he had disabled it, so it won’t explode.”

He got up, strode over to Nigel, and opened the box.

He was right; Nigel was a smart boy and would never put his mother in danger.

Not only had he disabled the bomb, but he even poured some chemical substances over it to ensure that it would not work.


Joshua furrowed his brows as he stared at the bomb. “Where did you even get this thing?”

“From the plane we arrived in.” Nigel sighed, plopped down on a nearby sofa, and said flatly,” I had a feeling that Charlotte was up to no good, considering how impatient she was to get Harvey to come here.

“Therefore, before departing, I discussed this with Nellie and Neil, and the three of us agreed that it’d be better if I were to escort Harvey and Shelly here to ensure their safety.

“It turned out that…” He closed his eyes as a fearful expression crept across his face, as though he had recalled some terrifying experience. “After getting on the plane , Harvey told me that something was wrong, so I used my hacking skills while he employed his detective experience to investigate…

“Eventually, we found this bomb,

“I managed to use a formula I had found online to calculate the destructive capability of this bomb, and the result was that…the amount of explosives contained within this bar 14 sufficient to blow up the entire plane.”

Luna’s eyes widened in shock upon hearing this.

This meant that…

If it were not for Nigel and Harvey’s quick wit, the children would not have arrived in one piece!

Luna broke out in cold sweats as soon as she thought of this. She immediately lunged forward to hug Nigel. “Why didn’t you say anything earlier?”

She could not believe that after his near-death experience, Nigel had taken so long to tell them the truth!

Nigel let out a sigh and gently patted Luna’s shoulder in reassurance. “It’s not that I didn’t want to say anything, but I promised Harvey I wouldn’t…

“He told me that Aunt Bonnie already has a lot on her mind, and because of that, his purpose of coming here is to help her, not cause her even more trouble…”

With that, Nigel opened his eyes, wrapped his arms around Luna, and lifted his head to stare at Joshua.

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