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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1516

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1516

Luna bit her lip and said in a low voice as she lay in Jim’s arms, “Jim, it’s fine.“

Luna knew that Heather was just trying to use this incident as an excuse to get on her nerves.

However, Jim refused to let this slide. “Heather, please don’t think you can bully Luna on behalf of Mother just because you’ve been here longer than Luna! Let me tell you this: even if Mother can’t protect her again in the future, I’m still her big brother, and I will protect her!

“As long as I’m still alive, you won’t be able to bully Luna. Remember that this is the Landry family, not the Gibson family! “

Heather’s entire body stiffened when she heard this.

She bit her lip and glanced at Luna with an expression of hatred.

This woman…

What did she do to deserve all this?

What made Luna so adored by others that she could bully Aura at her will and even end up meeting a man as good as Joshua Lynch?

Why did Rosalyn and Jim protect her and obey her every whim and fancy, even after she had killed Aura?

Was it simply because Luna was the true heiress of the Landry family and the only one among them who truly belonged to the Landry family?


There could only be one heiress, and it was Heather!

As soon as she thought of this, Heather sniffed and slumped into Charles’ arms, sobbing, “Father, look… Jim is still treating me like an outsider and saying things like this… Even though my birth parents are the Gibsons, I’ve always thought of myself as a part of the Landry family…

“What Jim said has upset me tremendously.“

Charles rubbed his brows in frustration and glanced at the door of the operation room.

Rosalyn was inside, undergoing a life-saving procedure, but his children were quarreling right in front of the operation room…

He would not tolerate this!

Charles let out an exhale and shoved Heather out of his arms coldly. “Shut up, the three of you! “

With that, he turned to glance at an upset -looking Heather, then at Luna, who was still shielded by Jim.

A twinge of helplessness shot through Charles’ eyes.

Even though Jim and Luna were only half-siblings, they were still blood -related, and because of this, the two of them were on the same side, whereas no one rooted for Heather.

If at this moment, he chose not to stand by Heather’s side, then she would be even more devastated.

After all, this was the girl he had raised as his own

daughter for more than zo years. Charles could not bear to hurt her.

As soon as he thought of this, Charles glanced coldly at Luna and said, “Stop hiding behind your brother.“

Luna furrowed her brows and contemplated for a moment, then finally removed herself from Jim’s grasp.

Charles pointed at the marble floor and ordered, “Kneel.

“Heather is right; the reason your mother is in the position she’s in now was because of you and your ex-husband Joshua. This has everything to do with you.

“You met up with Joshua Lynch today, and as soon as you returned, your mother has gotten hurt. Are you still unaware of what you did wrong?“

Luna did not kneel. Instead, she remained motionless and gazed straight at Charles. “I did nothing wrong.“

As soon as she said this, Luna suddenly felt someone kick her in the back of her knees.

Slam! She lost her balance and tipped forward, landing on the ground in a kneeling position.

Heather’s cold voice rang out from behind her, “ Father has ordered you to kneel, so what are you waiting for?“

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