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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1515

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1515

The slap landed on Luna so harshly that her face was tilted to one side, and she could taste blood in her mouth.

She could still hear Heather’s furious voice, saying, “ Luna! You shouldn’t have come back in the first place! If you hadn’t returned, Mother wouldn’t have been killed by Joshua Lynch! “

“Heather! “ Charles’ stern voice rang out. “Don’t say nonsense like that. Luna had returned out of love for your mother, and she’s already stopped seeing Joshua. She wasn’t the one who had asked Joshua to do this! “

Heather grew even more outraged when she heard this. She pointed at Luna and snapped, “Do you think she has nothing to do with this? Why don’t you say for yourself, Luna?

“What did you tell him? You had told him that you returned to our family because of Mother, so that’s why he bore hatred toward her!

“If anything bad happens to Mother, you’ll be the culprit behind this. You don’t deserve to be a member of the Landry family! “

A twinge of pain shot through Luna’s heart when she heard this.

She placed her hands over her face and took a step back.

Was that…what had happened?

Would Mother have been fine if Luna had not told Joshua that she had returned to the Landry family because of her?

As soon as she thought of this, Luna was so stunned that she could not keep her balance.

Thankfully, Jim noticed this and caught her before she could fall.

He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and shielded her in his arms. “Luna was just telling the truth; she can’t possibly have control over what other people do.

“If she had been able to control Joshua, she wouldn’t have gotten hurt in the first place! “

With that, Jim lifted his head to glare at Heather. “ Don’t blame Luna for every bad thing that happens. She’s Mother’s biological daughter, and therefore, she’s closer to Mother than either of us!

“Now that something terrible has happened to Mother, she’s the most devastated out of all of us, yet you’re constantly blaming her for everything. What are you trying to do?

“If we hadn’t known that Joshua was the culprit, I would’ve suspected that you were the one who did it instead, and you’re now trying to find a scapegoat! “

Terror flashed through Heather’s eyes upon hearing this. She pursed her lip and took a small step back, her anger dissipating almost immediately.

She bit her lip and turned to look at Charles. “Father, did you hear what Jim said?

“When Mother was injured, I had been downstairs seeing another doctor, and I rushed over immediately after hearing the news like he did…”

“Besides, Mother has raised me as her own, and I have the closest relationship with her, so how could I have hurt her?”

“I’m so sad that Jim would say something like this…”

As she said this, Heather slumped into Charles’ arms and started sobbing, “Is it because I’m not blood-related to any of you, so you’re all treating me like an outsider now? I can’t believe Jim would suspect me after something like this has happened to Mother…”

“If only I hadn’t listened to you and Mother. I should’ve left Merchant City in the first place and gone to Sea City to find my birth parents. Even though they’re my real family…”

Charles could not help frowning when he heard this, and he turned to glower at Jim. “Your Mother was the one who wanted Heather to stay; she and Heather are closest to each other! If your mother wakes up and finds out what you said just now, she’ll scold you for this!”

Jim scoffed and held Luna close to him. “Well, if Mother finds out that Heather had blamed her biological daughter for this, wouldn’t she be mad too?”

Jim’s body felt warm and reliant.

For the first time, Luna suddenly felt the warmth of having a family member looking out for her.
This was Jim, her half—brother.

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