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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1513

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1513

Joshua Lynch…had killed…Mother?

Luna felt as though something had crashed into the back of her head.

She could not believe her ears.

All the blood in her body rushed into her head. She clutched the servant’s shoulders and exclaimed, ” What are you saying? You’re lying to me, aren’t you? How can this…”

How could Joshua have killed Mother?

The servant bit her own lip and said tearfully, “Ms. Luna, how will I even dare to lie to you about something like this? Mrs. Landry is in the operation room now…and the police have captured Joshua Lynch.”

Luna almost lost her balance. She gripped the edge of the door frame tightly and forced herself to stand up. “How can this be…”

“Stop asking questions.” Suddenly, Jim stormed upstairs and squatted in front of her. “Come on!”

Luna paused for a moment, then quickly got onto Jim’s back.

She could not possibly walk downstairs by herself after receiving such shocking news.

Jim carried Luna on his back and quickly strode downstairs.

Luna stared dazedly at the direction in front of her and asked, “Jim, what happened…”

Jim let out a sigh and replied, “Mother couldn’t bear seeing you separate from Joshua and your three children, so she asked me to bring Joshua to the hospital to talk to her.

“After bringing him there, Mother told me that she wanted to talk to him in private, so I left them alone and went down to the lobby.

“After half an hour…the nurse called me saying that something terrible had happened to Mother, so I rushed upstairs. She…”

Jim pursed his lips and continued in a hoarse voice, ” There was a fruit knife stuck in the middle of her chest, and she had already gone into shock due to blood loss. When I arrived upstairs, she had already been brought into the operation room, and she hadn’t come out yet.

“After that, the police arrived and searched the crime scene. The fingerprints on the fruit knife had been wiped clean, and only Mother’s fingerprints remained. It was clear that the murderer had been wearing gloves when they killed her.

“According to the security footage of the hospital, no one else entered Mother’s room apart from Joshua, who entered twice.

“The second time he came out of the ward, he was covered in blood.

“As for the knife that the murdered used to stab Mother, it was a fruit knife from Swan Lake Chalet; I remember it clearly. Christopher said that the prints of the latex gloves on the knife handle matched with

those of a pack of gloves he had ordered a while back. “However, someone had stolen a pack just this morning.”

Luna felt as though she could not breathe.

After coming out of Landry Mansion, she sat in the backseat of Jim’s car, staring out at the fallen leaves outside the window. She could not help feeling a chill go down her entire body.

All of the evidence pointed toward Joshua having murdered Mother.

Luna recalled what Joshua had said to her this morning when she left Swan Lake Chalet.

‘You said that the only reason you chose to return to the Landry family is Rosalyn. Does this mean that if Rosalyn dies, you will come back to my side?’

At that time, Luna had thought Joshua had said something wrong due to his nervousness, but at this moment…

It seemed as though he had planned this. After all…

Luna had overheard Christopher saying that Luke had helped him switch out all the servants and workers in Swan Lake Chalet. Therefore, there were no longer any spies, so who else could have stolen the fruit knife and latex gloves from Swan Lake Chalet? On top of that, Joshua was the only person who had entered and left Mother’s room twice.

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