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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1509

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1509

As soon as she heard this, a twinge of pain shot through Luna’s heart.

She bit her lip, kneeled in front of Nigel, and gently placed her hand on his shoulder. Then, she replied in a low voice, “Who told you I’m here to say goodbye? Did your father say that?”

Neil shook his head. “Nigel and I figured it out by ourselves.”

With that, he let out a sigh and reached out to wrap his hand around Luna’s finger. Then, he said with a hint of longing both on his face and in his tone, ” Mommy, Nigel said that your parents and Daddy’s family have a longstanding vengeance, and you chose your family over us. We can’t go back to the way we used to be anymore.”

With that, Neil lifted his head to stare at Luna, sadness and disappointment clouding his clear eyes. “Is that true?”

Luna did not know how to answer this question. She bit her lip and pulled the three children into her arms. “Even if Mommy and Daddy aren’t together anymore, you’ll still be my babies. I’ll still find ways to see and visit you, so you don’t have to worry.”

Nellie could not help bursting into tears when she heard this. She was a straightforward girl and could not hide her sorrow like her brothers could. She sobbed, clutching Luna’s arm, “Mommy, I saw from the news that you’re pregnant with Uncle Malcolm’s child, and you’re going to marry him soon!

“Will you abandon us after your new baby comes?”

The pain in Luna’s heart grew even more widespread when she heard this. She sniffed to prevent herself from crying and wiped Nellie’s tears away, replying in a choked voice, “I’ll never do that. The three of you will always be the most important people to me…

“It’s just that I have to return to take care of my Mommy now. I promise you that as soon as your Grandma’s health gets better, or…or if she goes to heaven, I ‘ll find an opportunity to bring you guys over to live with me for a while, okay?”

Nellie sobbed, clutching onto Luna’s body, ” Mommy, you have to stick to your word…”

Luna hugged her, Nigel, and Neil tightly. “I ‘ll keep my promise, no matter what.”

If Rosalyn could recover, that would be best, but if Rosalyn could not live past this, then after sending her off…Luna would still leave the Landry family.

Of course, she was not doing this for Joshua.

To Joshua, she was not the most important person at all, so he would no longer be hers.

She wanted to bring the three children away to a place where no one knew them and live their lives the same way they did before returning to Banyan City.

No, not three.

Four, including…the one in her belly.

In the distance, Harvey and June watched the three of them sobbing in Luna’s arms hand-in-hand. Their faces were etched with sorrow.

Initially, the two of them had been happier than the three newcomers, but at this moment, they had to watch as Nigel, Neil, and Nellie hugged their mother.

Harvey bit his lip and gazed at the three children in awe.

They had their Mommy, but he and June did not.

“Let’s go.” Harvey let out a sigh and went to the backyard, still holding June’s hand.

“I’m sorry… ” he apologized to June as he walked. “I promised you that I’d share my Mommy with you after I find her, but now…”

He recalled the lady he had encountered, who loved red just as much as he did.

His Daddy had not gotten in touch with that woman for a long time…

Harvey wondered if that lady had found a new boyfriend.

“It’s okay, Harvey.”

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