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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1508

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1508

Rosalyn’s life had been a series of tragic events one after another, but somehow, she was content with her life.

” Nonsense. ” She glanced at Jim in disbelief and let out a sigh. “I have no way of convincing Luna otherwise…

“Why not, after Luna has come back from her visit to Swan Lake Chalet, you help me invite Joshua over in secret and let us meet officially? I’ll come up with a plan to help him persuade Luna to return to his side and leave Merchant City together.”

Jim smiled weakly and replied, “Mother, didn’t Luna tell you not to stick your nose into her personal affairs again?”

Rosalyn furrowed her brows. “How can I possibly do that? Do you want to see your sister so unhappy for the rest of her life, like me?”

Jim let out a sigh. “Alright then. I’ll go to Swan Lake Chalet right now, and as soon as Luna leaves, I’ll bring Joshua over to see you.”

With that, he stood up and left the room.

As soon as he flung the door open, he came face-to- face with a fumbling Heather.

He furrowed his brows and asked, “When did you arrive?”

“I…just arrived. Just did.” Heather smiled awkwardly and lifted the bag of fruits in her hand. “When I found out that Mother was admitted, I brought some fruits to see her.”

Jim glanced coldly at the bag of fruits in her hand and snapped, “Mother has raised you for more than twenty years. Don’t you know she’s allergic to dragon fruit?”

Heather froze, then suddenly realized there was a bright red dragon fruit inside the bag. She immediately took it out and tossed it into the trash can. “I was in such a rush just now that I didn’t notice

Jim shot her another cold glare before turning and leaving. “Mother isn’t feeling well, so please don’t take up too much of her time.”


A triumphant smile crept across Heather’s face as she watched Jim leave.

When Luna arrived at Swan Lake Chalet, the yard was bustling with activity.

June, dressed in a traditional outfit, was washing some herbs with Harvey. The two of them giggled and joked around as they did their chores.

Meanwhile, in a hallway a short distance away, Nigel, Neil, and Nellie sat obediently in a single file with Joshua’s clothes draped over their bodies, their arms wrapped around their shoulders as they watched June and Harvey,

As soon as Luna entered the door, she caught sight o f the three pale-faced children sitting in the hallway,

looking ill.

A twinge of pain shot through her heart.

She knew that the three of them had probably caught a cold from kneeling in the rain with Joshua the other night.

As soon as she recalled the cruelty she displayed toward them, Luna lost the courage to go up and embrace them.

She was not a good mother at all…

“Mommy?” Just as Luna was contemplating whether to approach them, Nellie caught sight of her. She had forgotten the way her mother had treated her and instead flung her jacket away, sprinting across the yard to leap into Luna’s arms. “Mommy! You’ve finally come!

” Daddy promised us yesterday morning that you’d visit us, but we didn’t see you yesterday, and we thought he was just talking nonsense.

“Who would’ve thought you would come today instead! “

Nellie wrapped her arms around Luna’s leg and called out to the two boys behind her, “Nigel, Neil, come here quick! Mommy’s here!”

The two identical boys sauntered over coolly.

Nigel lifted his head to stare at Luna and asked, “Are you here to say a last goodbye?”

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