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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1504

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1504

Charles’ expression darkened upon hearing this.

He and Rosalyn had been married for so many years that he could tell when she was lying and when she spoke of the truth.

She was trying to help Joshua escape and stop him from punishing Joshua!

Charles gritted his teeth and glanced at Joshua. He wanted nothing more than to punish this man, but on the other hand, he could not expose Rosalyn’s lies in front of so many people.

Finally, he had no choice but to relent. “Since Rosalyn was the one who had invited Joshua Lynch into the house, then I suppose he didn’t trespass on our private property at all. Well, in that case, let’s forget about this.”

Charles waved his hands dismissively and refused to even give Joshua another glance. “Mr. Lynch, even though Rosalyn had invited you, I’d still like to remind you that the Landry Mansion isn’t a place you can come and go as you please!

“This place doesn’t welcome you at all, so if you sneak into our home without someone’s invitation in the future, I won’t let you go scot-free just because you saved my wife’s life!

With that, he stood up and ordered, “Christopher, please bring Mr. Lynch away and leave. Jack, please bring Rosalyn back to her room.”

Finally, he turned and glanced at Luna, who had been standing in a corner, and said curtly, “You, come with me.”

Luna hesitated for a moment, then quickly followed him.

Seeing that Luna had left with Charles, Joshua could not help narrowing his eyes. Christopher quickly walked over and grabbed hold of his arm, signaling for him to leave. ” Since Luna has already promised that she’ll come to Swan Lake Chalet, we should go back first.”

Joshua murmured in agreement and finally left.

After a while, Heather and Malcolm were the only two people remaining in the living room.

Heather let out a scoff and slammed her cup on the coffee table. “How can we let him leave just like that?

“What else do you think we cou1d’ve done?” Malcolm sneered and added, “Would you have wanted Charles to expose Rosalyn’s lies at that moment?”

Joshua could not have escaped without Rosalyn’s help at all. After all, with him and Heather, the two of them would have worked together to enrage

Charles even more and make him take out his anger on Joshua.

However, none of them expected that Rosalyn would appear out of nowhere!

Malcolm narrowed his eyes and recalled what Rosalyn had said about wanting Luna to leave the Landry family in the future.

He gripped his cup so hard that his knuckles turned white. He narrowed his eyes, gazing at a distance, and said, “Rosalyn is messing up everything.”

Heather could not help rolling her eyes. “You’re right. If Joshua and Christopher hadn’t stuck their noses in, Rosalyn would’ve been dead by now.”

The poison that she had snuck into Rosalyn’s food was so advanced that Rosalyn herself did not know how to formulate an antidote. However, neither she nor Malcolm had expected that Christopher would be able to come up with a cure.

With that, she turned and glanced at Malcolm. “Why don’t I poison her with a different drug?”

“No, you can’t do that anymore. ” Malcolm narrowed his eyes. “If you poison her too much, one day, someone will find out. We have to…change our plans.

Charles brought Luna to their prayer room.

As soon as they arrived, he turned and stared at Luna coldly. “Kneel.”

Luna fell into silence and finally had no choice but to kneel before him.

Charles let out a sigh and said solemnly, “I know you still have feelings for Joshua Lynch. Maybe you don’t understand why I hate the Lynch family so much, but today…”

He closed his eyes and let out a bitter smile. “I’ll tell

you why.”

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