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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1503

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1503

Charles lifted his head and stared at Joshua with a dark expression. Then, he snarled through gritted teeth, ” I’ve said this many times; I wasn’t the one that tortured Lucy!”

Joshua sneered, “Not you? Thirty years ago, you claimed that you weren’t the culprit, Mr. Landry, and vowed that you would find out who was behind this.

” It’s been so many years since you promised that, yet you haven’t managed to find the real culprit, have you, Mr. Landry? Are you incapable of doing so, or is it because you haven’t found a scapegoat?

“You— ” Charles was so outraged that his eyes bulged out of his head. “Joshua Lynch, you’re just a descendant! How much do you even know about what happened in the past? Don’t stick your nose into things you do not know about! “

Seeing that Charles was getting more and more irritated, Joshua curled his lips into a smirk and said, “Just because I’m a descendant and wasn’t there in the past means I can’t take part in any of this? Well, in that case, Mr. Landry, as an elder, you have no right to stick your nose into my and Luna’s business either.”

Charles gritted his teeth, so angry that his chest started to rise and fall rapidly. “Joshua Lynch! “

“Father.” Heather bit her lip and quickly strode over to prop Charles up, then poured him a glass of water and gently stroked his chest to calm him down. “

Don’t get too angry, father.”

Then, she shot Luna a cold glare and snapped, “It’s all your fault ! If it weren’t for you, Joshua wouldn’t have sneaked into our house in disguise and enraged our father like this!”

With that, she could not help glaring at the four guards restraining Joshua as well. “What are you doing, standing there? Why aren’t you dragging him outside and beating him up? Are you happy to see my father like this? Do you still want to keep your jobs?

The four guards exchanged nervous glances, then lowered their heads and dragged Joshua out the door.

Just as they were about to disappear from view, a gentle woman’s voice rang out, “Wait.”

Everyone glanced in the direction of the voice. A frail-looking Rosalyn shuffled into the room,

holding a walking cane and propped up by a maid. As she walked, she let out small coughs.

Seeing that Rosalyn had arrived, Charles quickly stood up and approached her, ” Rosalyn, why are you here? You— “

“If I didn’t come out soon, you would’ve beat up the man who saved my life.” Rosalyn let out a sigh and continued, “If Jack hadn’t snuck out and notified me of this, I wouldn’t have known something like this was going on.”

Rosalyn leaned against her cane and glanced at the guards holding Joshua hostage. “Release him immediately. Mr. Lynch had almost died trying to

find the Clinging Root for me; why are you treating him like this?”

As soon as she said this, the guards let go of Joshua. Charles glanced at Rosalyn, frowning. “Rosalyn, you “Charles.” Rosalyn shot him an impassive glance and replied, “Mr. Lynch had risked his life to save mine, but in the end, he was misunderstood. Despite that, he was still worried about me and came to visit me.”With that, she glanced at Christopher with a kind expression and added, “I was the one who had asked Christopher to sneak him into the house like this. At the same time, I wanted him to explain to me why he had used dried grass to humiliate Christopher and Luna.”

Rosalyn glanced at the evidence placed on the coffee table and smiled. “I guess you’ve seen the evidence that Christopher had brought. Everything— including Joshua’s alleged insulting of Christopher— had been a misunderstanding. In reality, this man had saved my life.

“On top of that, I was the one who had asked Christopher to sneak him into the house like this so that he wouldn’t startle anyone.

“It seems a little inappropriate to be treating him like this, isn’t it?”

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