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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1502

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1502

“Are you saying that the dried grass you sent your friend over saved my wife’s life? Joshua Lynch, you and your family are becoming more and more outrageous! “

With that, Charles scoffed and ordered his guards, ” Drag him out of the house and beat him up! Beat him so bad that he can’t even stand up, then toss him out of the gate!”

Charles had been thinking of ways to get revenge on Joshua for almost bankrupting his family business, but all of a sudden, the culprit himself had arrived on his doorstep. On top of that, Joshua had trespassed onto their private property, so the Landry family could punish him any way they wanted to!

This was the perfect excuse to punish him!

“Yes, Sir!” the guards answered in unison and dragged Joshua out of the door.

Before they could step out the door, Luna bit her lip and called after them, “Stop! “

Charles glanced at Luna, frowning, and was about to say something when Malcolm interrupted her, ” Luna, stop talking.”

He wheeled himself over to Luna’s side and gently grasped her hand. Then, he said in a low voice, “Your father is irate right now, and if you defend Joshua right now, it’ll only make him even angrier. If that happens, Joshua will suffer more.”

Luna furrowed her brows, removed Malcolm’s hand from hers, and then strode to Charles. “Father, please let go of Joshua. He had snuck into our house today to visit Mother and wanted to know whether the herb he had given her had helped. We can’t bite the hand that feeds us.”

Charles’ expression darkened. “What do you mean? “

Heather, who had no idea what had happened inside Rosalyn’s room, sneered and said, “Luna, you can’ t use that saying so loosely without understanding what its true meaning is. What do you mean, bite the hand that feeds us? What did Joshua Lynch do for our family?

“Do you think all the suffering he put you through is some forin of blessing? Or do you think the fact that he almost bankrupted us had helped us?

“Or are you suggesting that…the dried grass he delivered to Dr. Christopher had saved Mother?”

“What Joshua delivered to me wasn’t dried grass at all.” Christopher, who had been silent all this while, suddenly piped up.

He brought out all the evidence that he had shown Rosalyn earlier , along with the recording of Malcolm admitting that the switcheroo was Hunter’s doing, and showed it to Charles.

Charles was so shocked by this new discovery that he almost lost his balance. He turned and plopped down on the sofa, glancing first at Joshua, who was still restrained by the guards, then at Malcolm.

Finally, he let out a scoff and said, “Even if Joshua had been the one who had picked the Clinging Root, there’s still no reason for him to trespass on our private property! “

With that, he lifted his hand to glance at Joshua and said coldly, “But Luna is right; we can’t beat you up and toss you out of the house just like that. It’d be an act of biting the hand that feeds us. However, if we don’t punish you, this will indicate that the Landry Mansion is a place that anyone can come and go as they please.”

With that, Charles slammed the cup he had been holding onto the coffee table and declared, ” Therefore, I’ve decided that…I’ll go along with my original punishment, which is to beat you up until you can’t stand, then send you home in our best car and provide you with the best treatment available.”

As soon as he said this, Charles fixated his slightly cloudy eyes on Joshua’s face and asked, “What do you think of my decision, Mr. Lynch?”

Joshua remained motionless and stared back at Charles intently. “Of course I respect your decision, Mr. Landry. After all, to torture someone until their body is mangled and then send them home in the best car you have…

“Didn’t you do the same thing thirty years ago, Mr. Landry?” The entire room fell into silence upon hearing this.

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