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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1501

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1501

Joshua could not help sneering when he heard this. Before he could say anything, however, Christopher brought his hand up to his mouth and let out a cough. “He has hives, and it looks unsightly, so I told him to keep his mask on to avoid startling you.”

With that, Christopher put his fingers on Heather’s wrist to take her pulse and smiled. “I don’t think you’d be interested in seeing someone else’s hives, do you, Ms. Heather?”

“He has hives?” Before Heather could say anything, Luna quickly took a step back from Joshua and said, ” In that case, please don’t remove your mask. Now that I’m pregnant, my stomach is very sensitive, and I ‘m afraid I might vomit if I see the hives on your face.”

With that, she turned and glanced at Charles. ” Father, please let this man leave. I feel a bit uncomfortable having him here.”

Charles contemplated this for a moment, then lifted his head to glance at Joshua. “Mister, I apologize, but I ‘m afraid you’ll have to leave. I initially wanted you to stay and have some dessert while you wait for your master, but…”

He glanced at Luna with a tender expression and continued, ” Since my daughter can’t stand this, I’m afraid you have to leave.”

Joshua narrowed his eyes slightly and nodded in response.

“Wait! ” As soon as he turned around, Heather furrowed her brows and yelled, “He can’t leave!”

She had gone to so much trouble to expose Joshua’s true identity, so how could she possibly let him escape so easily?

Charles furrowed his brows at this sight. “What’s wrong, Heather?”

Did this apprentice of Christopher’s somehow offend her?

Heather pursed her lips and stammered, “I…I…”

Finally, she pointed at Joshua and snapped, “He’s not allowed to leave! “


“Because he’s Joshua Lynch. ” Before Heather could finish her sentence, Malcolm wheeled himself through the door. He parked his wheelchair in front of the entrance and lifted his head to stare coldly at Joshua. “Mr. Lynch, Landry Mansion isn’t some

place you can walk in and leave at your own will.” The entire room fell into silence.

Luna and Christopher exchanged nervous glances. Their faces had turned pale out of fear.

Meanwhile, Heather sneered triumphantly while Charles’ face was etched with shock.

He stood up from his seat, strode over to Joshua, and fixated his penetrating stare on the man before him, who was half a foot taller than him. “You’re Joshua


Under everyone’s gaze, Joshua curled his lips into a graceful smile and put one hand in his pocket while the other reached up to remove his mask, revealing his chiseled face. “Yes, that’s me. Nice to meet you, Mr. Landry.”

Everyone’s breaths caught in their throats when they heard how nonchalant he sounded.

Charles, on the other hand, was so furious that his eyes were as wide as saucers. “You! You! How dare you sneak into my house like this? Guards! “

He bellowed at the top of his lungs, “Lock this intruder up!”

A few security guards appeared and restrained Joshua, two on each side.

Despite being restrained, Joshua let out a gentle smile and said, “Is this how you treat your savior, Mr. Landry?”

Charles grew even more outraged when he heard this.


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