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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1495

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1495

Malcolm narrowed his eyes as he watched the video that Christopher showed him.

The video had clearly captured Jude and Hunter’s exchange in the background.

Despite putting on a calm endeavor, Malcolm was cursing Hunter under his breath.

He had already ordered Hunter to destroy all evidence that would point to his involvement!

That b*stard must have thought it was enough to destroy all the security footage at the airport.

However, he had forgotten that this was the airport entrance, and on top of that, Merchant City was frequented by tourists during fall, so plenty of people would be milling about, taking photos and videos.

The fact that Christopher could find this video meant that there would be plenty of others.

Malcolm narrowed his eyes and lifted his head to stare at Christopher. “I ‘m not sure. Maybe this man, Mr. Jude, had some business exchange with Hunter.”

As he stared at Malcolm, Christopher could not help thinking how shameless this man was.

He had already managed to bring out evidence of his wrongdoing, yet he was still denying the truth!

Just as Christopher was about to say something in return, Luna, who had been standing next to Malcolm all this while, suddenly piped up, “Jude

couldn’t have had a business exchange with Hunter.”

She narrowed her eyes as she watched the video once more. “On the day that Jude arrived in Merchant City, he had come to see me.

“According to the time stamp in the video , he had left the airport after this, and it matched up with the time he had come to see me at Tea Cottage.”

With that, she glanced at Malcolm and continued, ” Everyone knew that Jude had given Christopher a bunch of dried grass to humiliate him. Inside the video, Jude had given something to Hunter as soon as he stepped out of the airport, and after that, he had come to visit me at Tea Cottage, so when did he have the time to see Christopher and give him the fake Clinging Root?”

Christopher could not help curling his lips into a smirk when he heard this. “Ms. Luna has a very sound logic.”

With that, he pointed at the man that had appeared at the end of the video, clutching a backpack as he waited at East 2 Gate. “That day, this man claimed to be Jude Smith and handed me the dried grass.

“When I finally met Jude Smith in person, I knew that I had been tricked, so I sent my men to track down this fake Jude. In the end, I found his corpse in the garbage dump on the outskirts of the city.

“His dead body was still dressed in the clothes he had been wearing in this video. According to the coroner, he had died the same day that he appeared in this video. On top of that…”

Christopher turned to stare at Malcolm. “We found a badge that identified him as a former bodyguard of the Quinn family.”

The evidence was as clear as day.

Luna clenched her fists next to her and finally felt relieved.

It turned out Joshua did not humiliate Christopher with fake grass at all. The herb that Jude had brought to Merchant City was the real Clinging Root after all.

Joshua…had indeed tried his best for her.

Even though all of this happened a week ago, and Luna had already returned to the Landry family out of despair, at this moment, she was delighted to find out the truth.

She had not trusted, nor had she fallen in love with the wrong person.

Joshua…had indeed tried his best to win her heart back.

Even though they could never reconcile again, Luna was still happy about this.

However, all this upset Rosalyn. She furrowed her brows and stared at Malcolm with a displeased look. ” What is going on, Malcolm?”

After all, the only reason Rosalyn had agreed to marry Luna off to Malcolm was that she thought Malcolm would treat her well. After all, this man was willing to go to such great lengths to save her, so he surely would treat Luna well in the future.

However, all of this evidence suggested that Malcolm had tricked Joshua and taken the credit for saving Rosalyn!

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