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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1494

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1494

Christopher seemed to be targeting Malcolm in all of his verbal accusations.

This was strange.

When Malcolm had given Christopher the Clinging Root, he had understood the frustration that Christopher had felt when Joshua fooled him, so the two of them should have had a harmonious relationship. Why was Christopher so harsh toward Malcolm today?

“I’m just trying to make sense of something.” Christopher sneered and extended his hand toward Joshua, who was still wearing his mask.

Joshua handed him a phone.

Christopher scrolled through the call history and text messages on this phone as he stared at Malcolm impassively. “This servant whom you claimed to have left Quinn Mansion disguised himself and started working for me at Swan Lake Chalet.

“After Joshua’s friend, Jude, contacted me about the Clinging Root, this man got in touch with the Quinn family, so much so that no matter what I did, whether it was something major or minor, he’d call the Quinn family.”

As he said this, Christopher stared at Malcolm coldly. “How are you going to explain this, Master Quinn? Is this servant contacting the Quinn family out of concern despite his termination, or…”

Christopher’s expression darkened. “Did the Quinn family send him to spy on me?”

Luna’s heart leaped into her throat when she heard this.

Christopher was very explicit about what he was trying to say.

Malcolm had failed to recognize the fake herb just now, and on top of that, the Quinn family had sent someone to spy on Christopher…

The color drained from Luna’s face.

At this moment, Malcolm reached out to grab hold of Luna’s hand.

Luna, who had been worried that someone would discover Joshua’s presence, had gone along with every one of Malcolm’s whims all this while, even if it meant engaging in intimate displays of affection.

However, when Malcolm reached out this time, Luna withdrew her hand.

Malcolm’s hand was met with air.

His expression darkened when he realized this, and he lifted his head. “I didn’t know you had such a good sense of humor, Dr. Christopher. Why would the Quinn family be spying on you? Besides…”

He glanced at the servant and added, “This man used to work for Hunter, and I’m not familiar with him at all.”

With that, he glanced at the man, whose head was lowered, and asked, “Tell me, why did you attempt to get in touch with us that day? Did someone send

you to spy on Dr. Christopher?”

Despite being gentle, there was a hint of hostility in Malcolm’s voice.

The servant lowered his head and did not reply.

After a long while, he bit his lip and lifted his head, avoiding Malcolm’s gaze. “I…

“The reason I had tried to get in touch with the Quinn family was that I had accidentally left something behind, and the butler didn’t return it to me yet, so I had no choice but to call multiple times to check on that…”

“You liar!” Christopher furrowed his brows and snapped, “That wasn’t what you told me at Swan Lake Chalet! “

Christopher, who was usually calm and level- headed, was so frustrated that his face turned red. ” Alright, since you say you were calling them to retrieve your belongings, then why did you happen to call every time I made a move?”

The servant answered meekly, “It was just a coincidence.”

“A coincidence?” Christopher was so angry that his chest rose and fell rapidly. He had always been able to suppress his anger and had not lost his temper in a long time!

Malcolm Quinn was such a deceitful man!

Previously, before arriving at Landry Mansion, the servant had admitted everything and even volunteered to come along with them to tell the truth.

However, as soon as he encountered Malcolm, he was so scared that he changed his statement immediately!

Seeing how furious Christopher was, Joshua furrowed his brows, walked over to the bag, and handed something to him.

Christopher laid eyes on the item Joshua gave him and realized it was a phone containing the video that Lucas had obtained that morning!

He quickly strode over to Malcolm to show him the video. “How are you going to explain this, then?”

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