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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1493

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1493

The entire room fell into silence.

Malcolm frowned, glancing at the dried herb in Christopher’s bag.

Was this the herb that had cured Rosalyn? He had no recollection at all.

When the herb was delivered to him, he had given it only a quick glimpse before sending it to Christopher, so how could he recall what it looked like?

“Of course I remember.” Malcolm smiled even though he had no memory of seeing this herb before. “This was the medicine that I had brought to cure you, Mrs. Landry, so how can I forget?”

Christopher could not help curling his lips into a smirk when he heard this. “Master Quinn has an excellent memory.”

With that, he turned and glanced at Rosalyn, who was leaning against her headboard.

Her expression was dark. She pursed her lips and asked, “Malcolm…are you sure you remember?”

Malcolm curled his lips into a smile. “Of course. I had specially sent my men overseas to bring this back, so of course I remember.”

Rosalyn stared at the dried herb for a moment before finally saying, “But this isn’t the Clinging Root at all; it’s just a bunch of dried grass.”

Everyone in the room fell silent upon hearing this.

Malcolm glared at the dried herb so hard that it was as though his eyes would fall out of his head. A split second later, he lifted his head and smiled calmly at Christopher. “I’m just playing along with Dr. Christopher’s act.

“After all, he’s already using this tactic to challenge my memory, so how can I not go along with it?”

There was not a hint of nervousness on his face, as though he had really been playing along with Christopher’s teasing all this while.

However, his tight grip on his wheelchair armrests betrayed him.

Luna could tell that he was indeed nervous.

He really could not recognize the dried herb at all, as opposed to what he claimed.

Luna narrowed her eyes. Since Malcolm himself was not familiar with what the Clinging Root looked like, how could he have ordered his men to find it and managed to find the right herb in the end?

Had his men stumbled upon the Clinging Root by accident?

If that was the case, then how could Joshua have fallen off the cliff without even managing to find the Clinging Root?

All of these questions circled in Luna’s mind. “Well, since Master Quinn has such an excellent

memory and is even willing to go along with my act…

” Christopher smiled, tugged the man who was haphazardly putting on his mask over, and pulled off his mask. “Then do you recognize him, Master Quinn?”


Deadly silence.

Malcolm narrowed his eyes to glare at Christopher with a murderous look.

When this servant had accidentally dropped his mask earlier on, Malcolm had had a bad feeling about this.

His hunch was proven right.

Christopher had brought this man with him for a reason!

However, since Christopher had asked this question, he must have obtained some evidence about his wrongdoing.

If Malcolm were to deny knowing this servant, Luna and Rosalyn would grow suspicious of him…

As soon as he thought of this, Malcolm bit his lip and had no choice but to admit, “Of course I know him. This man used to work at Quinn Mansion, but I hadn’t seen him for a while. I thought he had resigned and returned to his hometown. I never expected that he’d be working under Dr. Christopher now.”

With that, he glanced at the man impassively and smiled. “Didn’t you use to work under Hunter Quinn?

The servant paused for a moment, then quickly nodded.

Malcolm smiled. ” I guess I remembered correctly.”

Fortunately, he had planned ahead and sent one of Hunter’s servants to spy at Swan Lake Chalet instead of his own.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to explain his way out of this situation!

Rosalyn could not help furrowing her brows when she heard this. “Christopher, what are you…”

Why had Christopher brought this servant over to play this seemingly hostile game with Malcolm? Rosalyn was not an idiot. She could tell from Christopher’s unusual behavior that something was wrong.

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