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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1490

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1490

It was Luke.

“I’ve caught him. Among the servants that had been dismissed from Swan Lake Chalet, there had indeed been one that headed straight to Quinn Mansion.

“I’ve already restrained him, and there are many messages in his phone that he sent to members of the Quinn family. My men are already on their way with him, and they should be arriving soon.“

Joshua murmured a reply.

After hanging up the phone, he stood up and glanced at Christopher impassively. “The second daughter of the Landry family is pregnant, and as both a skilled doctor and the son of Mrs. Landry’s friend, aren’t you going to visit her?

“Maybe you can even give her some medicine to protect the child.“

Christopher hesitated for a moment when he heard this. A split second later, he let out a chuckle and said, “You’re right; I should pay them a visit.“

With that, he lowered his head to glance at Joshua, who was still lying in the rocking chair. “It’s about time I visit Mrs. Landry for a follow-up. June had always been the one who went with me and brought the equipment, but now, she’s busy taking care of your children…

“Are you willing to take up the task, Mr. Lynch?“ Joshua chuckled and replied, “My pleasure.“

An hour later, Christopher and two of his assistants in white coats and face masks entered Landry Mansion.

This was the first time Joshua had stepped foot into Landry Mansion.

The interior was decorated exquisitely, and when they passed by a hallway decorated with racks of morning glory, Joshua could not help frowning.

Morning glory…

He remembered that his Aunt Lucy used to love morning glory, and Granny Lynch used to plant them all over the garden, claiming that when they came into bloom, the spirit of Aunt Lucy would visit them.

To Joshua’s surprise, Charles had planted these flowers in his house as well.

Was this a coincidence? Did he…do this on purpose?

Aunt Lucy had gotten pregnant before marriage because of him, and after getting married, she was tortured to death without a single part of her body spared.

All that, and Charles planted Aunt Lucy’s favorite flowers all over his house. Was this a taunt?

As soon as he thought of them, a glimmer of malice shot through Joshua’s eyes.

Christopher, along with Joshua and another assistant, soon arrived at Rosalyn’s living quarters. She was weak and frail, so Charles had specially

arranged for her to live in a small wooden house in the backyard.

“Mother, you have to get well soon, ” Luna’s gentle voice rang out from inside the wooden house as soon as they stepped foot into the yard.

It had been a long time since Joshua heard her sound so gentle.

“Yes, ” Malcolm’s voice rang out as soon as Luna finished her sentence. “You have to get well soon so that my and Luna’s wedding can be held as soon as possible.”

Rosalyn’s weak voice replied, “You don’t have to wait for me to host your wedding; I don’t think I’ll ever get well at all.”

“Don’t say things like this.” Malcolm let out a sigh and replied, “We’re still waiting for you to name the baby in Luna’s womb.”

Joshua’s expression darkened as soon as he heard this.

If his guesses were correct, and that Luna had faked her pregnancy to get him to give up on her…then why would Malcolm say something like this? Could it be that…

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