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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1485

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1485


Luna’s entire body stiffened when she heard the servants’ conversation.

The servant said Malcolm had heard that she was pregnant, so he came to admit his wrongdoing.

With all the rumors swirling around, it seemed as though the child in her belly was Malcolm’s.


Luna knew it better than anyone that this child belonged to Joshua.

On top of that, when she reached Merchant City, Malcolm’s legs had already been injured in his accident. The two of them could not have slept together at all, so what was Malcolm thinking, and why did he come?

“What does Luna’s pregnancy have anything to do with Malcolm? What is he trying to admit to?“ Jim’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he glanced at Luna. Then, he turned and looked toward the door.

“Do you think he will say that the child is his? The timing is not possible. Besides, how long has he been crippled?“

Jim’s words made Charles frown. He then gave Jim a stern look and said, “So what if he is crippled? Six years ago when you were weak, didn’t you sleep with another woman and bring the child home too?“

Having been prod with his weakness, Jim did not say anything in response.

Heather pretended to sigh in lament and said, “I always thought this child in Luna’s belly is Joshua’s. Who would have thought it was Malcolm’s. This must mean that the two of them can get married immediately. It’s only been a month since she found out about the pregnancy. If we claim that the child is preterm when she gives birth, then no one will find out that she had gotten pregnant before marriage.“

Heather deliberately emphasized the words, ‘ pregnant before marriage.’

The color drained from Charles’ face.

In the past, Lucy, too, had gotten pregnant before marriage, and when he had married her, she was already five months along.

Not only was she subjected to verbal violence at the wedding, but she had also fallen into depression after as well.

If she had not received such backlash from the public, Lucy would never have left home and returned covered in injuries…

As soon as he thought of this, Charles made up his mind and ordered, “Let Malcolm in! “

He would never let his own daughter suffer the same fate as Lucy!

Sitting in the corner, Rosalyn watched Charles’ expression and knew that he had probably been reminded of Lucy. She lowered her head and did not say a word.

It had been so many years…but she was still nothing more than a stranger that had been with him for most of his life.

She would never compare to the woman he truly loved.

Even though she had sacrificed her health to make him a potent drug to cure his emotional issues…she still did not matter to him at all.

When Luna rounded a corner and descended the stairs, she caught sight of Rosalyn’s pale face.

She was more than familiar with the expression on Rosalyn’s face.

Luna let out a sigh. Even though she had been upset about Rosalyn’s intimate interactions with Heather just a few minutes ago…

She still could not help pitying this poor woman.

Luna walked over, sat down next to Rosalyn, and grabbed hold of her hand. Then, she said in a low voice, “What’s wrong?“

Rosalyn shook her head, leaned her head against Luna’s shoulder, and let out a sigh. “Nothing…“

“Mr. and Mrs. Landry.“

Malcolm soon arrived, escorted by a servant. As soon as he stepped foot through the door, he caught sight of Luna sitting next to Rosalyn.

He smiled at Luna, but she frowned and turned his head away.

She still remembered when she had rejected Malcolm’s offer to get engaged backstage at the party, but… Malcolm had arrived at Landry Mansion because of the news of her pregnancy.

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