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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1482

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1482

Christopher could not help lamenting, “You’re such a detail-oriented person, Mr. Lynch.“

It was clear that a spy from the Quinn family was working for him. Otherwise, how else could Malcolm have known about the Clinging Root and that Jude would be bringing it over?

Joshua opened his eyes wearily and glanced at Jude. “ Help me take care of Nigel, Neil, and Nellie. I have to get some rest now…“

With that, he closed his eyes and passed out.

Christopher let out a sigh as he wiped the sweat from Joshua’s forehead.

This man…had extraordinary determination.

No ordinary person could wake up in seven days after falling off a cliff, much less fly to another country to attend a party. Not only that, but no ordinary person would be able to settle everything before passing out.

This determined man would one day become Jim’s biggest enemy in the business market.

As soon as this thought crossed Christopher’s mind, he could not help feeling worried for Jim.

Landry Mansion.

Luna vomited her guts out as she leaned against the toilet bowl.

The unborn baby in her belly was probably protesting after witnessing what she had done to Joshua and their three children.

Ever since she came back from the party, Luna’s morning sickness was triggered, and she could not stop vomiting.

She held onto the toilet bowl and puked out everything in her stomach.

“Luna?“ Suddenly, a gentle, frail woman’s voice rang out from outside the door.

“You haven’t slept, have you?“ Rosalyn gently knocked on Luna’s door, with Heather helping her. Even though she had been at home the entire day, she heard that something terrible had happened at the venue of the party.

Because of this, she was worried about Luna and enquired Heather about this.

After Heather’s exaggeration, Rosalyn misunderstood and thought that Luna and Charles had gotten into an unresolvable fight, so she quickly made her way over and knocked on Luna’s door to check.

Luna was puking so hard in the bathroom that tears were starting to fall.

She quickly freshened up and washed her face before opening her door.

“Mother, what are you doing up so late?“ Rosalyn walked slowly into Luna’s room with

Heather’s help. “I heard that you and your father got into a fight, so how can I sleep well knowing this?“

Rosalyn let out a sigh and grabbed hold of Luna’s hand. “Please don’t think your father is cruel for forcing you to cut ties with Joshua.

“He used to love the Lynch family. Granny Lynch had, at one point, been the person that he respected the most.

“However…after Lucy’s death, the Lynch family didn’t listen to your father’s explanation at all and instead insisted on taking an eye for an eye. They killed your father’s only brother, and because of this, your father started to hate their guts. You…“

Before Rosalyn could even finish, Luna suddenly felt her stomach turn. She quickly covered her mouth, stormed into the bathroom, and started vomiting again.

Rosalyn immediately grew concerned. “Luna, you—“

“I think Luna might be sick.“ Heather narrowed her eyes. “Why don’t I summon a doctor, Mother?“

Rosalyn quickly nodded and replied,  “Please go quick.“

Heather nodded and, just as she turned and was about to leave, she glanced into the room. When she caught sight of how Luna looked while she was vomiting in the bathroom, she could not help sneering.

After coming out of Luna’s room, Heather gracefully picked up her phone and dialed a number.

“Congratulations, Malcolm, you’re going to be a dad.“

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