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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1480

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1480

What other way did he have to get her to stay?

“Luna! “ After a long while, Charles let out a sigh and called out Luna’s name. “It’s time to go home. The weather is getting colder now, and the kids will catch a cold.“

Luna nodded, then reluctantly let go of the children and left with Charles.

The Landry family’s limo peeled off in the pouring rain.

Nellie was already sobbing as she held onto her brothers.

Nigel and Neil, who were usually the two mature, level-headed elder brothers, were crying as well.

When the car finally disappeared from view… Thump!

A deafening slam made everyone turn their heads back.

Joshua had already passed out and landed on the ground with a thud.

Jude and Lucas quickly helped him up, then picked the three children up and placed them inside the car.

“To the hospital! “ Jude shouted in the pouring rain. “ To the nearest hospital! “

“Let’s go to my house instead.“ All of a sudden, a cold, male voice rang out.

Jude lifted his head, frowning.

A man dressed in a green cloak and slacks was standing before him, holding an umbrella. A young girl with pigtails stood next to him, holding a first- aid kit in her hand.

Jude furrowed his brows. “You are…“

“I’m Christopher Roberts, “ the man said curtly as he walked over. “It’d be too risky for you to go to the hospital; there are spies of the Landry and Quinn families in all the major hospitals.

“Joshua’s identity and current condition would make him susceptible to getting ambushed by these men.

“I’m a doctor practicing complementary medicine; I can cure him if you bring him to my house.“

Jude stared dazedly at the man before him, who claimed to be Christopher. “You…“

Was this Christopher?

If this was Christopher, who was the man he had seen at the airport, wearing a tuxedo and a stylish hairstyle?

“Don’t hesitate any longer.“ Christopher walked over and extended his hand to feel Joshua’s forehead. “He’s already running a fever.“

Jude fell into silence for a moment, then nodded. “ Alright, please lead the way. I have something to ask you as well! “

Christopher nodded in agreement, then got into Lucas’ car and led the way to his house.

The car passed through the heavy rain and finally arrived at Swan Lake Chalet at the south of the city.

Nigel, Neil, and Nellie were all running fevers at this point, but Joshua’s condition was the most serious of all of them. He had already lost much of his strength due to his unconsciousness, but on top of that, he had experienced such a shocking event just a short while ago and been out in the rain for too long.

Christopher furrowed his brows as he gave Joshua an injection. “Why didn’t you tell Luna that he had been unconscious for the past week?“

Jude let out a sigh and replied, “He doesn’t want us too.”

Christopher’s hand paused in mid-air. “Why not?“

“First of all, he doesn’t want Luna to be worried and upset. Second of all…“

Jude let out a sigh and continued, “He was afraid that if he never woke up, he’d become a burden to Luna.“

The entire room fell into silence.

Christopher swept his gaze over Joshua’s entire body, then let out a deep sigh. “Truth be told, even if he didn’t manage to find the Clinging Root and instead got hurt during the process…

“He cou1d’ve told me the truth. Why did he have to trick me with a bunch of dried grass?“

Christopher was a doctor, so he could tell from Joshua’s current condition that he had indeed gotten seriously hurt and been unconscious for quite a while. ”We never gave you any dried grass.” Jude frowned as he glanced at Christopher. ”Well, since you’re Christopher, then who’s the guy with the stylish hairstyle that took the Clinging Root from me at the airport?”

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