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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1478

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1478

However, the moment Charles stopped struggling, Luna started struggling in Joshua’s arms.

“Let me go, Joshua Lynch! Please don’t make me hate you! You let go of me now! “

No matter how hard she struggled, Joshua had no intention of letting go of her.

He missed her too much.

Having been unconscious for a week… Joshua kept dreaming that she wanted to leave him and wanted him to die.

He even kneeled and begged her to come home with him in his dreams. As long as she was willing to go home with him, he was willing to die the next instant.

He had been missing her for a long time, and at this moment, he was finally able to see her.

He hugged Luna so tight that it started to hurt her. She bit her lip and finally bit down on his right shoulder with all the anger she could summon.

Joshua’s right shoulder had suffered a gunshot injury when he was chased by Malcolm’s men after the engagement party a month ago.

The wound had not fully recovered yet, and as soon as Luna bit him, a sharp pain shot through his body, causing him to frown and lose control of his shoulder joint.

Luna quickly escaped.

Joshua furrowed his brows as he extended his left arm to grab hold of Luna’s wrist.

This time, Luna could not shake him off. She bit her lip and made up her mind.

A split second later, she turned around and raised her other hand.


She slapped Joshua right across his face so hard that his head twisted to one side. His body, which was weakened due to his recurrent injuries, lost its balance, and he took a few steps back to keep himself from falling.

Once again, Luna managed to escape from him.

“Joshua, how many times do you want me to say this? I’ll never go back with you. Also, it’d be best if you stopped looking for me. I am not your wife anymore. I am now the second heiress of the Landry family. The Landry and the Lynch families are enemies, which means we’re enemies too. If you still think of yourself as a Lynch, and you don’t want to disrespect your Aunt Lucy and Granny, then please don’t come and find me ever again! “

With that, Joshua’s expression turned to sorrow. Luna closed her eyes, let out an exhale, then turned to leave.

“Luna. “ Joshua still could not let her go. He followed behind her and tried to explain himself, “It’s not that I didn’t want to come find you. Luna, you have to at least give me a chance. When I woke up, I came to Merchant City immediately to bring you back. If you don’t come home with me…“

Warm liquid started to flow down Joshua’s face.

Joshua had never thought he would cry, but at that moment, staring at Luna’s back, he suddenly realized.

He was not in control of everything in this world after all.

He was losing her…

Was there anything he could do to make her stay? He had nothing.

He had hurt her and disappointed her so much that she chose to go back to the Landry family.

It was all his fault!

However, he did not want to lose her…

With a loud slam, Joshua kneeled on the ground behind Luna.

“Joshua! “ Despite having known Joshua for so many years, this was the first time that Jude had ever seen Joshua kneeling. It shocked him so much that his eyes were as wide as saucers.

Seeing that Joshua was kneeling, Neil, Nigel, and Nellie exchanged a glance, then ran toward Joshua and kneeled next to him. “Mommy! Please come home with us! “

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