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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1475

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1475

That night, heavy rain poured over Merchant City. A plane landed at the airport.

Joshua, who had just awoken from his slumber, slowly got off the plane, propping his heavy body up.

Because he had been unconscious for a week, his legs were a little wobbly, but he still insisted on walking himself out of the airport and into the car.

“We might be able to make it.“ Neil, who had accompanied Joshua all this while, lowered his head to glance at the time.

They still had 30 minutes until the ceremony started.

Even though the car could not go very fast in the heavy rain, thankfully, the party venue was not far from the airport at all, and they could make it in half an hour.

“Just now, when we were on the plane, Uncle Lucas sent me a text saying he and Uncle Luke are already there. “ Nigel glanced at the message on his phone and said, “They said that something seemed to have gone wrong at the party.“

With that, he frowned and put down his phone. “ Even though we’re not sure what went wrong, but nevertheless, it’s still a good thing. If the party gets

delayed, then we’ll have a better chance of making it.”

Nellie nodded and put her hands together in a praying gesture. “We have to make it.“

Even though the three of them had been in touch with Luna and had given her their encouragement, Nellie, who had always been a considerate child, noticed that Mommy was utterly disappointed in Daddy.

She wanted nothing more than to tell her that Daddy had injured himself…

However, Nigel had told her that the situation in Merchant City was far more complicated than they had imagined, and the people there were claiming that Daddy had insulted both Mommy and a renowned doctor with some dried grass.

If she told Mommy the truth about Joshua’s injury, then it might make everything worse.

Therefore, during the past week, Nellie had stayed by her father’s side in hopes that he would wake up in time and solve this.

She had thought they were about to fail, but to their surprise, Daddy had awoken on the flight!

The doctor had told them that Joshua could not afford to exhaust himself anymore and that he needed rest, but…

They could not wait any longer!

Nellie stared out the window at the pouring rain and closed her eyes to pray.

Please, God.

They had to let Mommy come home with them this time!

The car soon arrived at the venue of the party.

Joshua, who was still weak from his injury, had asked a doctor to give him a steroid shot so that he could look normal.

As soon as the car door was opened, Jude’s assistant covered all four of them with an umbrella and escorted them into the hall.

Lucas had been waiting at the entrance for a long time. As soon as he saw Joshua with the three children, he was both agitated and sad. “Sir.“

Joshua walked slowly to his side and glanced at his surroundings. “Why are you the only one here?

Where’s Luke?“

“Luke…“ Lucas let out a sigh and said, “Well, Todd, the gangster that he managed to defeat just a few days ago suddenly struck back, so seeing that there was nothing much to do here, Luke returned to take care of this.“

With that, Lucas gave Joshua a once -over, and tears brimmed in his eyes. “You’ve finally awoken.“

Joshua nodded and replied, “Now isn’t the time to catch up.“

He glanced into the quiet hall and asked, “What’s going on now?“

Lucas fell into silence for a moment, then let out an exhale. “The ceremony has ended.“

“What?“ Jude and the three children gasped in shock.

The color drained from Nigel’s face. “Isn’t there ten more minutes until the party starts?“

Neil nodded and asked, “Yes. Did they start the ceremony early?”

Nellie, on the other hand, stared at Lucas with tearful eyes. “Uncle Lucas, is Mommy officially a part of the Landry family now?”

Lucas nodded solemnly and explained, “The party was initially scheduled to start in ten minutes, but… there seemed to be some clashing of opinions and conflict within the Landry family, and on top of that, it’s raining heavily tonight.”

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