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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1471

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1471

Luna’s expression darkened when she heard this.

She narrowed her eyes and turned around, staring at Heather from her great height. “A homeless little runt?“

Luna sneered as she gazed at Heather’s pale face. “ Heather, I guess somehow you think that as the heiress of the Landry family, your status is unsurpassable.

“Have you forgotten something? If Joshua has really abandoned me, I’ll have to return to the Landry family. If that happens, then I wonder who’ll become the homeless little runt you’re talking about! “

Luna turned and strode away, with Heather gaping at her in shock.

After coming out of the restaurant and getting into the car, tears brimmed Luna’s eyes.

Heather was right.

If Joshua abandoned her…then she would indeed become a homeless little runt.

As soon as she thought of this, Luna lowered her head and took out her phone to send a message to Joshua.

(I know you’re busy, so much so that you don’t even have time to come find me. The Landry family has given me seven days. If after seven days, you still haven’t come for me, then I’ll have to return to their side.

(If you don’t bring me back to Banyan City in seven days…I’ll have to go back to my original home.

Joshua, please don’t disappoint me.]

By the time Luna finished typing these messages, tears were already streaming down her face.

She clutched her phone tightly and could not help recalling the memories of her and Joshua.

Truth be told, there were not many good memories of them together, but…

When Aura had attempted to kill her and Nellie, Joshua had climbed onto the Ferris wheel and burst into the fire…

When Fiona tried to hurt her and Nigel, Joshua had held her close to him for protection.

She recalled how Joshua had gotten hurt in the eighth alley and the birthday party he had hosted for her…

Of course, the time when he had kneeled before her at her and Malcolm’s engagement party, begging for her forgiveness.

All this while, he had changed himself and recorded his most sincere thoughts with a recording device outside Tea Cottage…

Luna refused to believe that this man would be so cruel toward her simply because he had found out she was a Landry, like what other people claimed.

She gripped her phone tightly.

Seven days.

She would give both her and Joshua seven days.

If Joshua had indeed abandoned her because of her identity as a Landry, then she would not force him any further.

Banyan City Central Hospital.

Jude sat next to Joshua and let out a deep sigh as he watched Joshua sleeping soundly.

Joshua’s broken phone, which had fallen down the abyss alongside him, lit up for a few moments next to him.

Jude let out a sigh and handed the phone to his assistant. “Try to recover all the data within the phone.“

This was Joshua’s personal cell phone, so even though there was no confidential business information contained within it, the fact that it had lit up meant that someone was trying to get in touch with him.

A week later, the assistant returned with the broken phone. “Master Smith, we’ve tried all sorts of things, but…the core disk has been damaged, and none of the technicians could recover it.“

Jude sighed and had no choice but to remove the SIM card from Joshua’s old phone, then inserted it into an identical, brand-new one.

Joshua was still unconscious.

Jude let out another sigh and said, staring at Joshua’s pale face, “Joshua, are you really not going to wake up? Luna… ”

That day, Jude had received news from Lucas and Luke, who were both in Merchant City.

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