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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1469

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1469

Luna could not help wringing her hands when she heard this. She bit her lip and lifted her head to stare at Jim. “Do you agree that Joshua had humiliated Christopher on purpose and insulted both the Landry family and me?“

Luna had thought that as Joshua’s cousin, Jim would be different from everyone else, but…

“Well, what else do you think his intention was of doing this?“ Jim let out a sneer and added, “Are you trying to tell me that an intelligent man like Joshua Lynch can’t even tell a rare herb apart from some common grass, despite having photos to help him? Even a child can understand the pictures that Christopher had shown him, so what went wrong?“

Luna bit her lip when she heard this.

She let out an exhale and closed her eyes. “I won’t return to your side for the time being.

“I want to hear Joshua’s explanation for all this.“

She would not believe any of these accusations unless she could hear Joshua admitting himself that he had deliberately done this to humiliate both Christopher and her.

“In that case, has he contacted you? Do you have a way of getting in touch with him?“

Luna’s heart sank when she heard this. Joshua…had not contacted her at all.

She, too, had no means of getting in touch with him.

Every time she contacted the children, they would tell her that Joshua was busy and had not gone home at all.

Even Nigel, who had always been a skilled hacker, could not find out what Joshua was up to.

The only thing that tied her to Joshua was the message that he had asked Jude to pass on the day before, asking her to wait for him.

Jim noticed Luna’s strange reaction and scoffed, “ You have no way of knowing when Joshua would come back to you and how long you’ll have to wait, do you?“

He walked over to her side and pressed down on her shoulders, staring straight into her eyes. “Even though Mother has received the antidote, her body is still weak. Even though she’s out of danger now, there’s no telling when her condition will deteriorate because of grief, and we have to expect the worst is yet to come.

“Do you want to see Mother pass away without any reciprocation for her actions despite having sacrificed everything for Father?

“On top of that, what about Christopher and Malcolm? Everyone has put in tremendous effort to save Mother. Are you willing to let everyone’s efforts go to waste because of Joshua?“

Luna bit her lip and refused to meet Jim’s steely gaze.

“Luna.“ Seeing that Luna was avoiding eye contact, Jim let out an exhale and said, “Alright, what about you give him a week?

“No matter how busy he is, he must be able to get it done after a week.

“If he hasn’t come back to Merchant City, or gone to Tea Cottage to look for you after a week, then you’ll come back to the Landry family.“

Luna gnawed her lip and contemplated this for a moment, then nodded.

After receiving Luna’s confirmation, Jim let out an exhale and turned to leave.

Luna sat alone in the restaurant and stared out the window in silence, her lips pressed into a thin line.

Truth be told, another reason, apart from Joshua, that she did not want to return to the Landry family was Granny Lynch…

She would never forget that Granny Lynch had given all the antidote to Nellie to save her life.

Luna knew that Granny Lynch had chosen to save Nellie because she, too, was a Lynch, and they were blood relatives, but…

No matter how hard she tried, Luna could not wrap her head around the fact that she was a Landry, a member of the family that had rivaled against the Lynch family for many years.

“What’s wrong? No appetite?“ Suddenly, a cold, female voice rang out next to Luna’s ear.

Luna furrowed her brows and turned around.

The person standing before her was Heather, wearing a pink dress.

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