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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1466

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1466

Luna was so nervous that her palms started sweating. It turned out that Joshua had changed after all.

His sudden return to Banyan City without notifying her was to find the herb that would save her mother!

Luna suddenly recalled what Nellie had said on the phone to her, that Joshua had claimed that he had something important to find.

The important thing he had been talking about was the herb that would save Rosalyn, was it not?

Luna closed her eyes and tried to make sense of the emotions she was feeling.

She knew that Joshua harbored hatred toward the Landry family, so he had not helped them to get on their good side at all.

It was all for her.

He was willing to help cure Rosalyn, his mortal enemy, so that Luna would not be forced to return to the Landry family after Rosalyn’s death out of guilt!

Luna stared out the window and felt like she was floating on a cloud.

Joshua…had changed!

She could not accuse him of not prioritizing her or the children anymore!

The car soon arrived at the hospital.

Bonnie dragged Luna out of the car and into the hospital. As soon as they came out of the elevator, however, they saw someone they did not expect to see—

It was Malcolm.

Malcolm was sitting in his wheelchair, dressed entirely in black. Both his legs were still wrapped in bandages.

As soon as she saw Malcolm, Luna’s smile froze on her face. She pursed her lips and greeted Malcolm in a low, polite voice, “What are you doing here, Malcolm?“

“I was delighted when I heard that Mrs. Landry had awoken, so I came to get a look.“ As he said this, Malcolm curled his lips into a smirk. “What’s wrong? Am I not welcome?“

Luna let out an awkward smile. “How is that possible?”

With that, she lifted her head to glance into Rosalyn’s room.

Inside the ward, Christopher and Jim were standing next to Rosalyn’s bed, feeding her the antidote that Christopher had brewed.

Meanwhile, Charles, the love of Rosalyn’s life, was standing outside her room with his hands behind his back, staring into the room in silence.

Luna suddenly felt like sneering when she saw this.

This must have been an important moment for Rosalyn, but Charles, the man she was legally married to, could not even bring himself to take care of her.

Was he unwilling to, or unable to?

No matter what it was, Luna could not help feeling contempt toward him. She rolled her eyes at him, then tilted her head away to continue watching the scene before her.

Rosalyn soon finished drinking the medicine.

A few minutes later, the color returned to her pale cheeks.

Ten minutes later, she opened her eyes and opened her mouth to say something inaudible.

However, the two men inside the ward could hear her, and with that, they grabbed hold of each other’s hands in delight.

They succeeded!

They succeeded in curing Rosalyn!

“This is amazing news! “ Bonnie grabbed hold of Luna’s hand in joy as relief flashed through her eyes.

Luna knew that not only was Bonnie happy for her but for Joshua as well!

As soon as Rosalyn got better, she would—

“Thank you, Master Quinn.“ Just as Bonnie and Luna were overjoyed at this sudden event, they caught sight of Charles clutching Malcolm’s hand. “If it weren’t for you, Rosalyn would never have awakened.“

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