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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1443

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1443

Bonnie frowned and glanced out the window again, then at Luna, who was still drawing. She said in a concerned tone, “But…he seems to have been injured terribly. His white shirt has been soaked entirely in blood.“

Luna’s hand stiffened when she heard this.

A split second later, she tossed her drawing board and watercolor away and stormed toward the window. She did not even notice that she had spilled her precious watercolor on the floor.

When she reached the window, however…

She caught sight of the man in the red shirt, sitting on the bench below her window.

There was indeed a wound on his waist that had been wrapped up in bandages.

At this moment, he was tidying the contents of the first-aid kit while making conversation with the servant who had handed him the kit.

Luna furrowed her brows and turned to glower at Bonnie. “What is wrong with your eyes?“

Joshua was wearing a red shirt!

When Bonnie realized this, she doubled over in laughter. As she helped Luna pick up her things, she could not help teasing her, “You care so much about him, yet you keep on pretending you don’t.“

She let out a sigh and added, “If it were up to me, I think you should forgive Joshua. You two already have three children together, so you should talk with him about this.

“If there’s anything that’s bothering you, you should tell him. If he’s willing to change, the two of you can continue being together, but if he can’t, then it’s time to part ways.“

Luna shot her a helpless look and picked up her drawing board from the floor. “Do you think this is a business meeting? Do you think that we can reconcile just like that, as long as we agree on the same terms?“

Bonnie furrowed her brows. “Isn’t it supposed to be like this?“

“Of course not.“ Luna let out an exhale and returned to her bed to continue her painting. “It’s always easy to talk, and it’s too shallow to take his word for it. “I want to see the things he’s done instead.“

Judging from what Joshua did at Lucky Den last night..he had not changed at all.

As soon as she thought of this, Luna grew even more frustrated. She leaned against her headboard and could not even finish her painting at all.

When the sun was starting to set, Luna heard the sound of a car starting from outside. A few moments later, the servant appeared, handing her Joshua’s recording.

Luna could not help feeling a little distraught as she clutched the recording device in her hand. She put it aside, then continued her painting.

Before she slept, she glanced at the recording device again and could not help playing its contents.

To her surprise, however…

The first thing Joshua had brought up was his injury. “Luna, I was injured today. I was chased by Malcolm’s men when I came out from my hiding spot. His men had been searching for me in

Merchant City for so long, and they finally managed to find my hideout.

“I’m guessing it was because of the two bullets that I shot Malcolm with yesterday that revealed my connection with Jim—“

As soon as she heard this, Luna turned off the device without even bothering to finish it.

Joshua’s voice was just as low and hypnotizing as usual, but at this moment, Luna could not believe a single word that he was saying.

She tossed the recording device into a cabinet next to her, then went to bed.

When she woke up the next day, the first thing she saw when she opened her curtains was Joshua standing downstairs.

He was wearing a different outfit today, but there was another bleeding wound on him. He sat in the same spot on the bench and proceeded to clean his wound.

Luna closed her eyes and sneered. She wanted to tell Joshua not to continue pretending anymore.

Malcolm was no longer the master of the Quinn family, so he could not have sent so many men to go after Joshua.

Besides, even if Malcolm could send so many people to hunt Joshua, how could he possibly have escaped after hurting Malcolm the night before?

Luna knew that Joshua was just putting on a show for her because he knew how much she loved and cared for him!

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