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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1442

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1442

“What happened to Mrs. Landry?“ asked Joshua as he drove Christopher and Jim back home, glancing at Christopher through the rearview mirror.

“Mrs. Landry is a very skilled chemist, and she’s been trying to formulate the most powerful drug in the world for many years, but sometimes, when she needs to test the potency of the drug, she’d ingest it herself.“

Joshua’s hands, which were gripping the steering wheel, stiffened when he heard this.

At the mention of the Landry family’s drug…he could not help recalling Granny Lynch.

He had yet to come to terms with Granny Lynch’s death. This was the vengeance between him and the Landry family.

However, because Jim was also in the backseat with Christopher, Joshua had no choice but to suppress his rage and asked, “So did this happen because she was experimenting on herself again?“

“My father, Larry, was trained under the same teacher as Mrs. Landry, so he’s very familiar with her formulations. Every time she produced a new drug, he’d be able to formulate a corresponding antidote.

“However, my father passed away a few years ago, and ever since then, Mrs. Landry had never tried any of her formulations on herself anymore.“

As he said this, Christopher looked through some information on his phone. “Even though I’ve inherited my father’s talent in drug-making, I’m still young and inexperienced, so I need more time to formulate the corresponding antidote for her.

“Mrs. Landry knew this, so she never dared to try her own drugs on herself anymore. Therefore, I don’t think she did this to herself. On the contrary, I think she was poisoned.“

Jim leaned against the backseat and let out a deep sigh. “Can you try to make the antidote before her condition worsens?“

“I should be able to, but I need a very rare ingredient for this. It’s an herb called the Clinging Root that usually grows at the edge of steep cliffs. However…it can’t be found in Merchant City.“

Jim closed his eyes in frustration. “Then I’ll send my men to search for this root all over the world. I won’t stop until we find it.“

Christopher nodded, then lifted his head to glance at Joshua. He seemed as though he wanted to say something but ultimately decided against it and lowered his head to continue reading instead.

After sending the two of them back to Swan Lake Chalet, Joshua returned to his room.

That night, he had a dream that he was standing on the edge of a cliff searching for the Clinging Root and ended up falling off and dying instantaneously.

When Joshua was awakened from his dream, he glanced at the time and realized that it was already 7 a.m.

Why did he have such a strange dream?

The Clinging Root was needed to save Charles’ wife, Rosalyn. No matter how close he was with Jim, he did not need to find this herb to save her, did he?

Joshua tried to get rid of all the thoughts in his mind and went to wash up. After freshening up, he flipped open the planner which June and Harvey had created for the day. This was a daily plan which Nigel, Neil, and Nellie had approved to help him win back their mother’s heart.

As soon as he flipped the page, Joshua furrowed his brows in disapproval.

He was supposed to wear a red shirt today.

Joshua was not fond of the color red, nor did he think it was appropriate for a man to wear red.

However, Nellie had stumbled upon Luna’s private notebook, which had recorded her thoughts of letting Joshua try out red clothes.


Joshua picked up the shirt they had prepared for him in the shade that he otherwise would never have chosen for himself.

Malcolm had let his guard down when it came to surveilling Jim, and on top of that, Joshua knew that Jim would not have the heart to accompany him to Tea Cottage today, so he decided to drive himself instead.

However, to his surprise…

As soon as he left Swan Lake Chalet, he was trailed by a group of men.

Despite managing to lose them through his expert driving skills, one of the cars had collided with his, injuring him in the process.

One of the servants at Tea Cottage saw that he was hurt and gave him a first-aid kit.

Joshua started cleaning and wrapping his wound as he sat on the bench below Luna’s window.

“He’s hurt,” remarked Bonnie, frowning, as she watched him clean his wound from upstairs.

Luna, who at this moment was drawing on her bed, did not even lift her head. “He was the one who had hurt Malcolm last night, so how dare he pretend to be injured?”

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