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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1439

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1439

Something had happened to Rosalyn!

Jim immediately stood up and stormed out the door, having forgotten about the conversation he was having with Joshua. “Christopher! Christopher! “

Meanwhile, Christopher sprinted out of another room in a far corner of the house and asked, “What’s wrong?“

Jim did not even have the time to explain. Instead, he grabbed hold of Christopher’s wrist and ran out the door. Christopher was still wearing his indoor slippers, and, having been dragged out of the house, his slippers had fallen off. He was dragged onto the car with his feet bare.

Joshua stood by the window and watched this unfold. As soon as he saw the worry on Jim’s face, he followed them out the door.

At night, most of the servants and the driver had already gone home for the day, and there were only a few bodyguards left.

Jim slid into the driver’s seat, but he was so nervous that he could not even ignite the engine. He was frustrated by this and picked up his phone. “One of the bodyguards, come out and bring Christopher and me to the hospital! “

As soon as he made the call, someone pulled the driver’s side door open.

Joshua furrowed his brows and glanced at Jim. “

There are only a few guards keeping watch at Swan Lake Chalet tonight. Both Harvey and June are fast asleep. What if something happens while the guards are away with you?“

Jim fell into silence when he heard this. He pursed his lips and replied, “But Christopher doesn’t know how to drive—“

“I’ll drive.“ Joshua let out an exhale and pulled Jim out of the driver’s seat. “Rosalyn and I aren’t related, so I ‘ll be more careful than you if I were to drive.“

Jim froze for a moment, then exchanged a glance with Christopher, who was in the backseat. The two of them did not say a word, nor did they move an inch.

Joshua knew what they were concerned about, so he said, “I’m just here to drive you to the hospital; I ‘ll wait for you downstairs. If I don’t go up, the Landry family won’t notice me at all.“

Even though he still harbored hatred toward the Landry family, Jim had helped him tremendously during this time, so he would not want to cause Jim any trouble at all.

Jim and Christopher exchanged another glance. Finally, Jim let out an exhale and got into the passenger’s seat.

Joshua’s driving was indeed far more careful than what Jim’s would have been. He knew that Jim was worried about Rosalyn’s condition, so he stepped on the gas as fast as possible while ensuring that they were within a safe limit.

The car soon arrived at the hospital.

After Jim and Christopher had gotten out of the car, Joshua lowered his seat down and laid down in the car.

There was only a single streetlight in the hospital’s parking lot, so no one would notice him lying in the car.

Jim and Christopher quickly went into the hospital.

Joshua had closed his eyes and was just about to take a quick nap when he heard a deafening noise from outside.

This was the sound of an expensive sports car.

He lifted his head slightly and peeked through the tiny crack in the window.

It was Heather. She parked her convertible in a spot near Joshua’s and got out of the car, tidying her hair at the same time. There was not a single hint of concern or worry on her face.

Not only that, but she even leaned against the hood of her car, lit a cigarette, and called someone on her phone. “You’re quick to receive news. How many spies do you have at Landry Mansion?

“Yes, I’ve arrived at the hospital. Didn’t you say that Charles is an extremely loyal person? Well, when Lucy died, he almost went with her, so what do you think he’s going to do if Rosalyn dies too?

“Well, I certainly hope they both die. If they do, then the only people left to fight for the inheritance would be Jim and me. Their real daughter won’t be able to come home anyway…so your plan will fail.

“This is karma for what you did to me six years ago.”

Heather hung up the phone just as her cigarette had reached its end. She put it out and sashayed into the hospital, her heels click-clacking on the floor.

A disdainful smirk played on Joshua’s lips as he watched her enter the hospital.

Even though neither she nor Jim was Rosalyn’s child, there was still a stark contrast between her calmness and Jim’s worry.


Joshua closed his eyes and sneered as he laid back down in his seat.

According to what Heather had said, Charles and Rosalyn’s real daughter was not Aura at all, but instead, someone else.

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