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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1436

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1436

The man leading the group scoffed and said, “How dare this man hurt Master Quinn? We’ll put bullets through his head tonight!”

After circling Ring Road five times with the cars chasing after him, Joshua’s car started to show low fuel. On top of that, his car had suffered a few gunshots.

All of a sudden, Joshua’s phone chimed. It was a message from Bonnie.

Luna had arrived home safe and sound.

As soon as he received this message, Joshua let out an exhale and steered his car away from the freeway, heading toward a desolate stretch of road.

The men chasing behind him sneered at this sight.

Was this man an idiot? Why did he drive off into a place like this?

Not only would they be able to find him, but they could capture him alive!

The leader gave orders to chase after Joshua’s car at full speed. They would be able to capture him alive!

The men tucked their guns away and zipped after Joshua’s car.

Finally, as they were passing by a small slope—

Joshua suddenly stepped on the gas and zoomed away.

Seeing this, the men chasing him accelerated and followed him.


All of a sudden, deafening explosions sounded all around them. The cars that chased after Joshua were blown up into smithereens.

A black SUV approached the scene from a distance and pulled Joshua, who had abandoned his car and was hiding in a corner, onto it.

The black SUV returned to the freeway.

Joshua sat down in the backseat and glanced at the man in the passenger seat as he took off his jacket, patting away the dust. “What a magnificent display. Is this what you do to every city you come to?“

Luke, who was wearing a black leather jacket and sitting in the passenger seat, snickered when he heard this. “Weren’t you the one who told me to come to Merchant City and make this my territory? Is there any fault in letting the people here know that the legendary Luke Jones is here?“

With that, he took off his sunglasses and glanced at Joshua out of the corner of his eye. “Besides, how can I rescue you if I didn’t create a diversion like that?“

Joshua rolled his eyes at him but did not reply.

Luke glanced at him in the rearview mirror and said, “What happened this time? I saw the video of you kneeling at her engagement party, you know.

“Joshua Lynch, you’re a man, and it’s not like you can’t live without her, so why are you doing this to yourself over and over just because of her?“

Joshua did not reply and instead let out a small chuckle. “Isn’t Gwen getting married soon?“

Luke’s expression darkened when he heard this. “ Why did you bring her up?“

Joshua sneered. “Well, you look down on me for sacrificing so much for Luna, but in fact, I look down on you for not having the guts to keep the woman you love by your side.

“We’re two peas in a pod.“

Quinn Mansion.

The bullets in Malcolm’s legs had successfully been removed.

The doctor stared at his tightly bandaged legs and let out a sigh. “Master Quinn, from the looks of the injury you suffered…you’ll really have to be wheelchair-bound for the next two months.“

Malcolm clenched his fists upon hearing this.

After the doctor left, he was so angry that he started smashing items onto the floor. “Where are the men that I sent to follow Luna?“

“Master Quinn, we didn’t lose her, but…the car went to Landry Mansion.“

Malcolm’s expression darkened, and he picked up another thing from his desk and smashed it onto the floor. “What about the tracker? Is it at the Landry Mansion, too?“


”The tracking device shows that it’s…in Quinn Mansion…on the bed that you’re lying on right now.”

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