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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1431

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1431

Joshua did not answer Jim’s question and instead stared out the window at Malcolm in the distance.

Seeing that he did not reply, Jim could not help continuing to probe at him, “Luna doesn’t want to see you, yet she’s willing to see Malcolm… Do you think it’s because she trusts Malcolm more than you?“

As soon as he said this, Harvey furrowed his brows and piped up, “Mr. Landry, you’re overstepping a line.“

He knew that Mr. Joshua was already upset, yet Jim continued to bring this up.

To Harvey’s surprise, however, Joshua said impassively, “You’re right. She’s…more trusting in Malcolm than me.“

Jim and Harvey exchanged glances when they heard this. None of them had expected that…Joshua would admit it so willingly.

Joshua turned and stared at the two dumbfounded father and son duo as he asked, “Is it so hard to understand? I…did many things that hurt Luna in the past.

“Six years ago, she got into an accident and gave birth, yet  me, her husband,  wasn’t  there  with her.

“Six years later, she and our children appeared in my life, yet I still continued  to hurt her over and over…

“To her, she’s more willing to trust the man who saved her life, helped her undergo plastic surgery, and raised her three children… This is perfectly understandable.“

Jim narrowed his eyes when he heard Joshua’s perfectly sound logic.

It turned out all members of the Lynch family were the same: clear-cut and capable of differentiating between emotions of love and hate.


“I don’t think Malcolm’s intention of helping Luna undergo her surgery was for her good at all.“

Joshua raised his eyebrows and turned to glance at Jim. “What do you mean by this?“

Before he could finish, Malcolm’s calm, gentle voice rang out from the table in the distance, “Long time no see, Luna.“

Joshua furrowed his brows and glanced in the direction of Malcolm’s voice.

Luna, bare-faced and wearing an army-green trench coat, sat down right across from Malcolm.

From Joshua’s seat, he could clearly see the look in Luna’s eyes when she gazed at Malcolm. It was that of a calm, serene, and trusting one.

Joshua’s jaw tightened when he saw this.

He did not think it was wrong of Luna to trust Malcolm at all.

After all, Malcolm was a man of trickery and deceit. He had spent six years of his life packaging himself as a different man and had indeed helped Luna tremendously. Luna had always been an appreciative and loyal person, so her trust in him and lack of suspicion in his motives toward her were not her faults at all.

If one had to blame someone, it would be Joshua because he had given her too little to trust him.

“Malcolm.“ Luna gave him a gentle smile. “I’m sorry it took me so long to meet up with you. I shou1d’ve met you in person when I decided to postpone the engagement, but at that time, we weren’t in a good place at all…“

Malcolm gave her a small smile in return and pushed a glass of lemon tea toward her. “It’s okay. What happened that night was indeed my fault. I hadn’t planned everything thoroughly, and I was too impatient to host the engagement party, so much so that I didn’t allow you the time to talk things through with Joshua…

“It was all my fault, and it’s perfectly reasonable you didn’t want to see me after that.“

Malcolm’s words made Luna feel even more guilty. She bit her lip and replied, “It’s not that I didn’t want to see you, but…“

Her pregnancy symptoms were so severe during those few days that she could not see anyone at all.

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