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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1421

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1421


Seeing that Harvey did not reply, June could not help adding, “So what should we do with the jade ring now?“

Harvey rubbed his brows, trying to think of what to do.

Even though he did not know how the jade ring he gave to Bonnie ended up with Joshua…since it was no longer in Bonnie’s hands, he thought it would be best to return it to Jim.

Therefore, he let out a sigh and said, “Um, June, don’t tell anyone about this, but please wash the ring and spray some perfume on it, then place it back in Mr. Landry’s study desk drawer.“

“Alright. “ With that, June hung up the phone, took the ring into the washroom to clean it, then carried it out the door.

As soon as she stepped out the door, she ran into her father, Christopher.

Christopher lowered his head to glance at the ring in June’s hands, then shook his head in exasperation. “ You two, playing with Jim’s stuff again. This is beloved to him; what’ll happen if you break it?“

With that, he took the ring and was about to place it back in Jim’s study when he noticed a chip in one of the edges.

Christopher frowned and brought it up against the light to check on it. As soon as he did this, he noticed something hidden within the ring.

It seemed to be a microchip.

Christopher furrowed his brows and, after warning June to never play with this with Harvey again, surreptitiously placed it back in Jim’s study desk drawer.

No wonder Jim cherished this ring like a treasure and never allowed it to leave his sight. Not only did his late mother leave it for him…but there was even a secret hidden within it.

As soon as he placed the ring back into Jim’s study, Christopher sent Jim a message to tell him that the ring had been found.

After reading the message, Jim tucked his phone away with a frown and strode over to Joshua’s side. He stood next to Joshua and lifted his head to glance at the second-floor window.

There was such an obvious shadow behind the curtains…

Only two people so drunk in love as Luna and Joshua would think that they would not be able to see each other.

Jim let out a sigh and turned to glance at Joshua. “ Let’s go; time’s up. If you stay here any longer, the assassinators will jump into action, and it’ll be much harder for me to protect you.“

Joshua nodded impassively and, after handing the recording device to one of the servants, added, “I ‘ll send some of my men over here.“

He could not let Jim protect him forever.

“I think you’d better not.“ Jim dragged Harvey onto the car as he continued, “Lynch Group has been laying low in Merchant City while you were unconscious, so most people here still think you’re dead.

“Do you want the Quinn and Landry families to know you’re still alive by summoning your men over?

“Or do you think you, a man who just arrived here a month ago, can single-handedly topple two of the biggest families in Merchant City for more than twenty years?“

After tossing Harvey into the backseat, Jim slammed the door shut and added, “I ‘ve read through your profile. You took over Lynch Group when you were seventeen, and you’re a genius, intelligent, and capable—I’ll give you that.

“I, too, believe that as long as you have time, you’ll be able to change the situation here.“

With that, he lifted his head to glance at the second- floor window. “But aren’t you a little distracted by what’s going on here?“

Joshua’s entire body stiffened, and he fell into silence.

Jim was right. The most important thing to him… was Luna.

Therefore, before he got Luna’s forgiveness, he should not alert Malcolm and Heather of his survival.

The only way to bring Luna away from Merchant City as soon as possible was to protect himself first.


Luna watched as Jim and Joshua’s car became a small black dot on the horizon before finally turning her head away.

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