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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1420

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1420

Harvey froze, then quickly waved his hands in dismissal. “No, no! I just saw how pretty you were… and I couldn’t help myself.“

He pointed to his red hoodie and Bonnie’s red trench coat as he said this. “Look, pretty lady, we even have the same favorite colors. This must be fate! “

Bonnie glanced at the boy with a helpless look and said, “What do you know about colors? There are different shades of reds. Just because two things are red doesn’t mean they’re the same, your—“

Before she could finish her sentence, however…

She realized that the shade of red on the boy’s hoodie was identical to that of her trench coat!

She loved this shade of red and had specially requested to get this color made in different styles of clothing.

Never had she expected to see the exact same color on a young boy!

Despite being shocked, Bonnie could not help pursing her lips in disapproval. “This is just a coincidence.“

“No, it’s not. I love this color, and I had this hoodie made specially! “ Harvey grinned at her and added, “ Pretty lady, have you ever seen Mr. Landry before? Do you think he’s handsome? Would you consider becoming Mr. Landry’s wife? He’s not bad at all, why don’t you take that into consideration?“

Bonnie shot him another helpless glance and replied, “I ‘m a proud woman. Your dad will never match up to me.“

“Is that so?“ All of a sudden, a cold male voice rang out from behind her.

Bonnie furrowed her brows and glanced in the direction of the voice.

Behind her, a tall, slender man was leaning against the trunk of a maple tree, staring at her impassively. “Ms. Craig is indeed a proud woman.“

As he said this, he gave her a once-over and added, “ Well, even if you begged me, I still wouldn’t date a woman like you.“

With that, Jim strode over, grabbed hold of Harvey’s collar, and dragged him away. “You have terrible taste, son.“

Bonnie remained motionless as she stared at their retreating figures with a pale face. Finally, she shot them a murderous glare and snapped, “Even if you get on your knees and beg, I’ll never fall for either of you! “

With that, she stormed back into the house.

Harvey pouted and released himself from Jim’s grasp, then gave his father a look of disapproval. “ What do you mean, I have terrible taste?

“I think that Aunty in the red coat is great! She’s much better than that girl you used to like— “

Before he could even finish his sentence, Jim shot him such a cold look that he shrunk back on himself and did not dare to say anything further.

Jim continued to glower at him for a while more, then scoffed and glanced in the direction that Bonnie had left. “If someone was willing to trade off their child just for money…

“No matter how beautiful they look, they’re heartless on the inside. I ‘ll never fall for someone who was willing to stoop to such low standards.“

Harvey bit down on his lip and was about to say something when his phone rang.

It was a call from June. “Harvey, we found the jade ring that Mr. Landry lost a while ago in Mr. Joshua’s pocket!

“But the ring is so smelly now. Can you ask Mr. Joshua how the ring got into his hands and did he fall into a sewage treatment plant or something? “

Harvey was rendered speechless.

This was strange. That jade ring… He had placed it for that pretty lady as a token of love between her and his father, so how did it end up in Joshua’s pocket?

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