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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1419

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1419

Joshua stood at the entrance of Tea Cottage for a long time.

He knew that Luna was upstairs. He could tell that the shadow behind the curtain of the second-floor window belonged to her.

He could even make out the vague outline of her body behind the curtain, as though she was peeking at him through the window.

He wanted nothing more than to rush upstairs, pull her into his arms, and tell her that they had both been tricked by Malcolm and Heather.

He knew that neither Bonnie nor the servants would be able to stop him, but…

After what happened two weeks ago at the engagement party, he refrained from doing so, having experienced just how cold Luna had acted toward him.

He was not afraid of anyone stopping him. Instead, he was worried that his impulsive choice would not only serve no purpose but even make Luna’s misunderstanding of him deepen.

Therefore, Joshua let out a sigh, dragged a bench over to a spot where he could face Luna’s window and sat down.

He took out a recording device and spoke into it, “ Luna, I wore a shirt that doesn’t suit me at all today. You probably saw it, didn’t you? It’s not black, and it’s not a suit either.

“I never really took any of your needs to heart, and I always used to think that as long as it suited my identity, it didn’t really matter what anyone thought at all. But because of this, I neglected the fact that you didn’t like black and a lot of your other opinions.

“Therefore, from today onward, I’ll start changing and become a person that you like.

“If you’re satisfied with what I became, then come out and see me, please?“

From a distance, Luna could make out that Joshua was sitting in the garden, facing her window, and seemed to be saying something into a recording device.

She was a little impatient to hear what he said and, at the same time, felt a little helpless.

What was this man doing? Since she refused to see him and knew that she was safe and sound, should he not leave? What was he doing, staying here and talking into a recording device?

Did he think that some sweet words would make her forgive his negligence and forgive the things he did to humiliate her at the engagement party? Did he think that she would return to his side, and they would live happily ever after?

Luna bit her lip and sent one of her servants to chase Joshua away.

However, no matter how hard the servants or Bonnie tried, no one could send Joshua away.

He refused to leave.

His wounds were not fully healed yet, and he was still technically a patient, so they could not physically kick him out of the garden either.

Luna grew more and more agitated at this sight. She longed to go downstairs and say some bad stuff that would make him go away.

The longer he stayed here, the more distracted she became, even if she tried to do something else to take her mind off him.

However, she was worried that if she went downstairs to talk to him, her decision would waver… and she would be sweet -talked into forgiving him once more.

Therefore, Luna suppressed her emotions in her heart, leaned against the windowsill, and started painting as though she had no care in the world.

However, her eyes still kept flitting over to the man downstairs.

Bonnie noticed all of this. She went downstairs somewhat helplessly and pursed her lips as she sat down and stared at Joshua, who was still muttering into the device in the distance. “Will this really work?“

“Maybe it will.“ Harvey approached her with a smile and, without her noticing, grabbed hold of her face and pressed a loud kiss on her lips.

Bonnie widened her eyes in shock. She was ambushed by a child!

Bonnie turned to glare at Harvey and snapped, “ You! “

Harvey propped his face up with one hand and blinked innocently at Bonnie. “Sorry about that. I can’t help it whenever I see pretty women like you.”

Bonnie suppressed her urge to slap this boy across his face and said, “Do you do this to every pretty woman you see?”

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