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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1413

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1413

The rain went on for the entire night.

Luna, too, was tied up in her room for the entire night, watching the rain fall outside her window.

When daylight came, Bonnie entered the room with Luna’s breakfast. She let out a sigh and placed each plate in front of Luna with a helpless expression. “ Luna, promise me that you won’t return to Malcolm’s side.

“As long as you promise me that, I’ll release you, but if you don’t, then I’ll have to feed you your breakfast.“

Luna turned around and stared at Bonnie with an equally helpless expression. “I ‘ve already told you many times; Malcolm isn’t a bad person at all.

“If he were, he wouldn’t have saved me six years ago, taken care of me, and helped me give birth to my three children.“

Bonnie pursed her lips. “I didn’t say he’s a bad person; I just think you shouldn’t marry him. This is coming from both me and your children.“

She sat down next to Luna and watched the sun rise outside the window with her. Then, she pursed her lips and added, “Luna, what year is this? You don’t have to marry that man just because he saved your life.

“Besides, if you do marry him, what would happen to Nigel, Neil, and Nellie? Do you want them to marry Malcolm, too? Or are you expecting them to call him Daddy and ignore Joshua for the rest of their lives? Please…“

Bonnie let out a sigh and gently patted Luna’s shoulder. “Even if you’re not willing to give Joshua another chance, don’t marry someone else so soon, okay? Your three children—

“Joshua was the one who had helped Nigel obtain a new bone marrow for his transplant, and he was the one who had helped you find Neil again.

“Not only that, but Granny Lynch had even sacrificed her life and gave the antidote to Nellie.

“They had just regained their intimacy and closeness to both Joshua and the rest of the Lynch family, yet now, you’re about to get married to one of the Quinns…

“How do you expect the children to feel about that?“ Luna bit her lip when she heard this.

Bonnie was right. When she chose to marry Malcolm, the only thing she had thought of was that since the children had spent six years with Malcolm, they would not be averse to him at all.

However, she had forgotten that…she owed all three of her children’s lives to Joshua and Granny Lynch.

To them, maybe Joshua…was just as important as her.

Her decision to marry someone else like this would indeed put the children in a difficult position.

Seeing that Luna’s attitude had softened, Bonnie let out a sigh and loosened her bonds. Then, she shoved a tablet into Luna’s hands and said, ”You didn’t sleep well last night, and neither did the children.

”The four of you should have a chat. If, in the end, you still decide that you want to marry Malcolm, then I’ll send you back to his side.”

With that, Bonnie strode out of the room.

Luna clutched the tablet and stared at the image of the three tired little faces on the screen. ”You guys… ”

”Mommy.” Nellie bit her lip with a tearful expression. ”Please don’t leave Daddy, will you?”

Neil let out a sigh and lifted his head to stare at Luna. ”Even though that scumbag Lynch did a lot of bad things in the past, he’s still our Daddy.”

Meanwhile, Nigel lowered his head to stare at his laptop and recited the contents, ”This morning, Quinn Group has announced a collaboration with Landry Group to go to war against Lynch Group… ”

With that, he lifted his head to stare at Luna and said, ”Ms. Luna, no matter how reluctant you are to admit it, the Lynch family is still our family. If Lynch Group runs out of money, the three of us will be inheriting empty shares.

”I hope you think this through before committing to another marriage so that your children can have a better future.”

Luna did not know whether to laugh or cry at this. She rubbed her brows in despair and asked, ”Aren’t the three of you quite fond of Malcolm?”

The three children exchanged glances and replied, ”We do, but… ”

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