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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1408

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1408

“I’ll never give up on you.

“Just before Granny passed, she told me never to give up on you no matter what happened. I’ll keep my word to her.“

With that, Joshua slowly walked out of the room.

Luna had her back facing Joshua, but despite that, she could still hear his heavy, labored breathing and slow footsteps.

She could not stop the tears from streaming down her face.

That idiot.

Why did he come here and humiliate himself,

knowing how weak his body was?

Why did he come alone? Where was Lucas? How could Lucas have let Joshua come here all by himself?


Joshua was a smart man, so he must have known

that he would be humiliated as soon as he came here. If that was the case, why did he choose to come?

After what felt like an eternity, Joshua’s retreating figure finally disappeared from everyone’s view.

As soon as the door was closed behind him, Malcolm signaled the emcee to continue with the events. The emcee, who was rendered speechless by this series of events, quickly picked up the microphone and said, “

Ladies and gentleman, what happened just now proves to us just how loyal Ms. Luna and Mr. Quinn are to each other. Let us— “

“Mbrfh— “ Before the emcee could even finish his sentence, Luna could not stop herself from retching.

She tried to suppress the nausea she felt, but she still could not help retching. Her face was pale.

Malcolm furrowed his brows and asked in a low voice, “Are you okay?“

“Yes.“ Luna shook her head, clutching her chest. “I just…might need to go to the toilet.“

A hint of displeasure flashed across Malcolm’s face.

It had already been a long time since the ceremony started. First, it was Joshua who had gatecrashed, and all of a sudden, Luna was feeling unwell either.

Could this engagement party be… No, it could not be!

He had to go on with the party! He had to get engaged with Luna to proceed with the rest of his plan!

As soon as he thought of this, Malcolm clutched Luna’s hand and said, “Just hold on for a little while longer. It won’t be long.“

Luna nodded, her face still pale.

Before long, the emcee ordered someone to bring out the cake. “Now, let us invite Ms. Luna and Mr. Quinn to cut the cake. After distributing the cake to every one of our guests, the ceremony will officially be over, and from now on, Ms. Luna and Mr. Quinn will officially be engaged! “

As soon as the emcee finished, he handed the knife to Luna and Malcolm.

Malcolm passed the knife to Luna somewhat excitedly, then grabbed hold of her hand—

Before the blade could even touch the cake, a wave of nausea hit Luna, and she retched again.

The knife fell onto the ground with a clang.

Luna could not stand the gurgling in her stomach anymore, so she turned and sprinted into the backstage toilet after muttering, “Sorry.“

Malcolm stared at the knife on the ground with a murderous look. He lowered his voice and ordered one of his guards, “Keep an eye on her! “

The guard quickly turned and chased after her. Time slowly passed.

After five minutes, Luna still had not returned.

Not only was Malcolm nervous, but even the audience was getting a little agitated.

All of a sudden, a waitress burst out from backstage and yelled, “Something terrible has happened! Ms. Luna has been kidnapped! “


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