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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1405

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1405

The crowd started murmuring after hearing Joshua’s words.

A pale-faced Malcolm bit his lip as well and said in a gentle tone laced with anger, “Mr. Lynch, please provide evidence for your statement! What trickery did I use to get Luna to marry me?“

He continued in a pained tone, “You can’t steal my fiancée away from me in front of everyone and slander me just because I’m crippled now! “

Luna’s heart softened when she heard this.

Malcolm was disabled and had suffered jeers and taunts because of this. If he were to be humiliated at such a public display…

She bit her lip and struggled to release herself from Joshua’s arms with all her might.

He had restrained her too tightly, and she had to bite on him to get him to loosen his grip.

Joshua’s energy was mostly powered by his steroid injection, and restraining Luna had almost used up all the strength in his body. Her biting him left him no choice but to let go in pain.

Luna sprinted back to Malcolm’s side without looking back and grabbed hold of his wheelchair handles.

She lifted her head to glare at Joshua and snapped coldly, without a hint of emotion in her tone, “ Joshua Lynch! That’s enough! If there’s something wrong with you, you should see a doctor! If you’re feeling weak, you should get some rest and ask Lucas to book an appointment at a hospital! Don’t lash out at everyone like a crazy person! “

She bit down on her lip and glared at him. “You accused me of lying, and now you’re accusing Malcolm of tricking me into marrying him! Do you not know what you did wrong?“

Joshua froze and stared at Luna dazedly. Then, he asked in a hoarse voice, “What did I do wrong? As soon as I arrived in Merchant City, I’ve been looking for you and trying to find ways to bring you back home… What did I do wrong?“

To Luna, however, this sounded amusing.

What kind of joke was this? Joshua said he had been looking for her and trying to find ways to bring her home?

Who was the crazy one?

She had been waiting for him at Quinn Mansion for more than ten days, but all she received was news of him continuing to defeat the Landry family.

His rationality was clouded over by his hatred of the Landry family, so much so that he could not even make time out of his schedule to find her!

All of a sudden, he claimed he had been looking for her and tried to bring her home?

“Joshua Lynch, do you honestly think I’m still as nalve as before? Do you think I’ll believe any excuse that you come up with?“

Luna let out an exhale and chuckled self-deprecatingly. “Maybe I loved you too much in the past and spoiled you beyond measure, and this is why you always think that…I’m just as nalve as before, and that you can bend me at your will.”

Joshua’s entire body stiffened when he heard this. After a moment, he let out an exhale and forced himself to perk up. “That’s not what I meant, Luna. What I mean is that…you and I were both deceived by Malcolm’s trick.”

Luna let out another sneer. “Are you trying to say that you not coming to find me or save me was all Malcolm’s fault?”

Joshua paused, then nodded. “Yes, it has something to do with him.”

Luna closed her eyes and clenched her fists.

Any remaining love she felt for this man was starting to dissipate.

She could not believe that he still had not reflected on his mistakes and was instead blaming everything on Malcolm.

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