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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1403

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1403

Everyone’s gaze fell on Joshua as soon as they heard him speak.

Whispers and murmurs rang out throughout the room as the audience questioned this man’s sudden appearance. “Who is this man?“

“Haven’t you heard? This is Joshua Lynch, the man from Banyan City who almost bankrupted the Landry family as soon as he arrived in Merchant City! “

“Oh my God, it’s him! Why did he come here?“

“Could it be that the Landry family is bankrupt now, so he’s come to defeat the Quinn family as well?“

“What is he trying to do? According to what he said, he and the future Mrs. Quinn seems to have been involved…“

The whispers of the audience were so loud that they almost drowned out any other noises within the room.

Meanwhile, onstage, Luna clutched the microphone tightly, her face pale and her palms sweaty.

Ever since she caught sight of Joshua sitting in the venue, she knew that he would not leave her and Malcolm’s engagement party in peace.

However, she did not expect that Joshua would humiliate her at this moment. He knew that all this was just to appease the public and did not mean the truth at all.

After all, no one would care too much about when she and Malcolm fell in love with each other and got together.

Still, this man was trying to humiliate her! He did not even say anything during Malcolm’s speech and instead waited for her to talk so that he could interrupt her.

Just like in the past, Joshua’s ego swelled, and he thought that he could do anything to her just because she loved him!

As soon as she thought of this, Luna bit down on her lip, and she clutched the microphone so tightly that her knuckles turned white.

Since Joshua was trying to humiliate her in front of everyone, she did not need to protect his ego either!

Therefore, Luna let out an exhale and said in a cold voice, clutching her microphone tightly, “Are you hard of hearing, Mr. Lynch?“

She curled her lips into a contemptuous smirk and continued, “Well, since you didn’t hear me clearly, Mr. lynch,  then let me announce  this one more time.

“I fell in love with Malcolm from the moment he saved me six years ago. He treats me well, and he is always the first to show up when I get in trouble. He always puts me first and takes care of me at every chance.

“A lot of men can’t achieve this at all, don’t you agree, Mr. Lynch?“

Joshua narrowed his eyes, a cold smile playing on his lips. “Luna, you probably don’t know this, but this engagement party is being broadcast live worldwide.

“Everyone across the world can see this, including the people in Banyan City. Are you sure you want to lie in front of so many people?“

The color drained from Luna’s face when she heard this.

Joshua had deliberately brought up the live broadcast and Banyan City to remind her that her children were watching as well.

She gripped the microphone and could not help regretting her impulsive decision of agreeing to talk about her and Malcolm’s love story on stage.

At the same time, she could not help resenting Joshua for this.

If it were not for him, she could have set down the microphone and retreated to Malcolm’s side already!

This was initially just a small segment of the entire ceremony, but since Joshua had stepped up, everyone was starting to pay attention to this story.

Luna clenched her teeth and snapped, “How dare you accuse me of lying, Mr. Lynch? I never lie.“

“Is that so?“ Joshua curled his lips into a smirk and took out his phone. “Do you want me to play the audio clip of what you told me previously?“

The color drained from Luna’s face when she heard this.

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