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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1394

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1394

“Is your…“

As soon as he heard Lucy’s name, Samuel stopped in his tracks. “Is your friend’s last name Lynch?“

Luna nodded.

Samuel let out a sigh and handed a jade ring to Luna. “If you have a chance to see your friend again, please help me pass this to him. Then, he’ll find out everything that happened to Lucy Hamilton. Another thing…“

He let out an exhale and added, “There are two identical jade rings. The other one is with Lucy’s biological son. I wish you luck.“

With that, he turned and strode away.

Luna remained motionless, clutching the jade ring, and did not know what to make of this.

Did…Lucy have a son?

Granny Lynch did not know this at all, even until her death. If she had found out about this grandson, she would have been overjoyed…

Just as Luna was lamenting this, she suddenly felt something bump against her body.

She lost her balance and accidentally loosened her grip on the jade ring, causing it to fall onto the ground.

“I’m so sorry, “ Malcolm’s gentle voice rang out from behind her.

It was obvious that Malcolm had not managed to stop his wheelchair in time and accidentally bumped into Luna’s leg.

Luna shook her head and told him it was okay. When she lifted her head, she caught sight of the jade ring rolling on the asphalt multiple times before finally falling through a manhole cover.

Luna widened her eyes in shock and quickly strode over, intending to remove the manhole cover to retrieve the ring.

This ring belonged to Lucy and was the key to finding her son!

Even though Luna and Joshua’s relationship had run its course, Nellie, Neil, and Nigel were still the Lynch family’s grandchildren, and Lucy was their relative as well.

Because of this, Luna was responsible for passing this ring over to Joshua so that both Lucy and Granny Lynch could rest in peace!

“Ms. Luna.“ Just as Luna removed the manhole cover and was about to reach down into the sewers to retrieve the ring, Lorraine stopped her. “There are only less than two hours until you and Master Quinn’s engagement party, so it’s about time you get ready.“

Luna froze when she heard this. “But this— “

“I ’11 send some people to find it.“ Malcolm let out a sigh and wheeled himself over to hold Luna’s hand. “ Didn’t you say you wanted to wear the prettiest dress and become the most beautiful woman in Merchant City?

“Why do you want to go into the stinky sewers? Do you want to be smelly?“

Luna bit her lip and turned to stare at Malcolm. “ Please ask them to search in detail. This thing is… very important.“

Malcolm curled his lips into a small smile. “I know. You should go back and get changed, and I’ll watch over them while they search, okay?“

Luna nodded. “Alright! “

With that, she turned and entered the yard.

When she entered the walk-in closet on the second floor, Luna turned to glance out the window.

Malcolm had indeed summoned a group of servants to search the sewers for her missing ring.

A surge of warmth spread through Luna’s heart at this sight.

Samuel had told her she did not know Malcolm at all.

He was right; she did not know Malcolm at all. She could not understand why Malcolm was so willing to do so much for a woman who did not return his love at all.

“Master Quinn, I’ve found it.“ One of the servants proffered a dirt-stained jade ring to Malcolm. “ Look! “

Malcolm glanced at the jade ring impassively.

If he remembered correctly, Jim, the head of the Landry family, had an identical jade ring.

Was Samuel planning to let the Lynch family  find out about Jim’s true identity?

In his dreams!

Malcolm took out a tissue, wrapped the ring up in it… and tossed it in the trash can.

After that, he wiped his hands with another tissue and said, “Today is a joyous occasion, so I want everything to be spick-and-span. Get someone to empty the trash cans immediately.

“Also, get someone to custom make a jade ring of roughly the same value.”

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