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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1387

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1387

Luna’s behavior and her cold, emotionless tone stunned Joshua.

He took a step back and fixated his penetrating stare on Luna, his gaze etched with disbelief and sadness. Then, he stuttered hoarsely, “Luna… You…“

This was the first time anyone had seen such a distraught expression on Joshua’s face.

“You’re kidding me, aren’t you?“

She… How could she be unwilling to leave with him? Why would she choose to stay and marry Malcolm? Did he not promise to bring her home after today?

They had three children together, and so many years of misunderstanding had finally been resolved between them.

He still had yet to make up for his mistakes…

How could she suddenly decide to marry Malcolm so out of the blue?

Luna let out an exhale and lifted her head to stare at Joshua with an icy expression. “Do you think I’m kidding, Mr. lynch?“

She stared at Joshua’s handsome, chiseled face, as well as the exhaustion so clearly etched on them, and all of a sudden felt reluctant to say what she originally wanted.


As soon as she recalled what he had done as soon as he arrived in Merchant City, Luna became more resolute and continued curtly, “If you think I was just kidding, Mr. Lynch, then let me tell you this. I declare that I, Luna, am getting married to Malcolm Quinn tonight at the Starhill Hotel.

“If you’re free tonight, Mr. Lynch, then feel free to join us in our joyous ceremony.“

With that, she let out a scornful laugh and added, “ But I guess you won’t have the time, do you, Mr. Lynch?

“I hear that the head of the Landry family, Jim, had returned to Merchant City last night and that the Landry family have hopes of reviving their businesses again.

“I guess you’ll be busy trying to defeat them tonight, so how can you have the time to attend the engagement party of such an insignificant figure like me? To you, getting revenge on the Landry family is far more important than me.“

With that, Luna let out an exhale and turned around, trying to repress her tears. “Lorraine, see them out! “

The woman named Lorraine immediately nodded and blocked Joshua’s view of Luna. “Please head out, Sir.“

Confusion and helplessness clouded Joshua’s entire being. He dodged Lorraine and peeked over her shoulder at Luna’s retreating figure. “Luna! “

Lorraine frowned and continued to block Joshua’s voice. “Sir, Mrs. Quinn has said explicitly that she doesn’t want to see you.”

A twinge of pain shot through Joshua as soon as he heard the words ‘Mrs. Quinn’.

Despite being utterly exhausted, he shoved Lorraine away and stormed into the yard to block Luna’s path. “Luna! I…”

He ignored the discomfort he felt and stared at Luna, his face pale and his forehead covered in sweat. “ What did I do wrong? Why are you marrying Malcolm?”

He reached out his hands to hold onto Luna’s shoulders.

This was the only way he could support himself to not collapse.

Joshua stared intently at Luna, his face etched with never-before-seen sadness and distress. “I… What did I do wrong? Can you tell me so I can change, please?”

He was so tired that he could not think straight anymore.

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