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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1386

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1386

“I can get Mrs. Quinn for you… I must say, however, that she’s decorating the yard right now, so she might be a little busy.“

As soon as Joshua heard this, he grew even more outraged than before. He said with a cold, expressionless face, “Did the Quinn family put you up to this? How dare you even lie?“

Luna had only agreed to marry Malcolm because she was threatened, so how could she be decorating the yard on her own?

Moreover, how could she willingly own the title of Mrs. Quinn?

The servant rolled her eyes at Joshua and replied, “ What do you mean, I’m lying?“

With that, she ordered one of the younger maids to summon Luna, “Go and get Mrs. Quinn to come here quickly. Tell her that someone is here to cause trouble! “

Joshua, who had not gotten any rest for almost a week, felt as though his head was about to split apart. He leaned against a pillar at the entrance of the Quinn Mansion’s yard so that he would not pass out.

He had to hear the Quinn family explain themselves.

This was a must!

If the Quinn family could not give him a satisfactory explanation for what they did, he would bankrupt them alongside the Landry family!

Soon, the sound of high-heeled footsteps rang out through the yard, along with a displeased voice. “ Who on earth would stir up trouble here?“

Even though Quinn Mansion was where Malcolm lived, the engagement party was set to be held at the Starhill Hotel. Therefore, why would someone want to cause trouble here? If anything, they should go to Starhill Hotel instead!

Luna puzzled over this as she strode out of the yard.

As soon as she exited, she caught sight of the pale – faced man leaning against the pillar.

The last time Luna saw Joshua look so pale was when he had suffered multiple knife wounds.

However, this time, she could tell that his lack of color was not due to injury but instead due to exhaustion.

She let out an exhale and suppressed the sympathy and concern she felt for him. Then, she lifted his head to stare at him and said in a frosty tone, “Mr. Lynch, I didn’t think you’d be so free to stop by Quinn Mansion.“

Joshua, who had been spacing out due to his tiredness, suddenly came to when he heard Luna’s cold voice.

The slim, beautiful woman in a red dress and standing before him…was none other than Luna, the woman he had been searching for.

Joshua furrowed his brows as surprise flashed through his eyes. “You… Didn’t they lock you up?“

Luna curled her lips into a sneer. “Why would they lock me up?“

The Quinn family had never imprisoned her at all. At most, they had kept her and Malcolm confined within the yard and forbade them from going out.

If Joshua, like today, had come to Quinn Mansion, he would be able to find her as soon as he walked into the yard.

However, he had already been in Merchant City for about ten days, and this was the first time he had visited Quinn Mansion.

This was also the first time they had met face —to — face since his arrival.

Joshua narrowed his eyes. Something did not seem right.

If the Landry family had sent Luna to Quinn Mansion and forced her into marriage, then they would have locked her up, but since they did not do so…

Why did she not escape?

She knew full well that he was here in Merchant City to find her!

However, this was not the time to mull over details like this.

Joshua let out an exhale and stepped forward to grab hold of Luna’s wrist. “Let’s go. Come with me! “

Joshua’s grip on her wrist was so hard that Luna furrowed her brows in pain.

She took a few determined steps back and removed his grip on her. ”Why should I go with you, Joshua Lynch?”

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