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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1385

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1385

“All are invited to join me and Malcolm’s engagement party tonight! “

On the screen was a video clip of Luna dressed in red, smiling at the camera warmly and kindly.

Joshua leaned against the door frame in silence as he gently stroked the image of Luna on the screen.

“It’s fake. It’s all fake.“

It must be fake! This must have been a plan devised by the Quinn and Landry families!

Were the Landry family so desperate that they had to send Luna to the Quinn family to break Joshua down? They had sent Luna over to the Quinn family and forced her to announce  her engagement  with Malcolm!

Joshua threw the phone on the ground with a thud, then turned and put on his coat and slippers before heading out the door. “Lucas, get the car ready! I’m going to find the Quinn family and tell them to hand Luna over! “

Lucas bit his lip and could not help feeling sympathetic when he saw how distraught Joshua looked as he headed out the door.

He had been with Joshua for many years, but he had never seen Joshua look so upset before.

Lucas let out a sigh and quickly ran after him. “Sir, since you’re going to see Ma’am, you’d better…

You’d better dress up for it.“

Joshua paused, then lowered his head to glance at himself.

Even though he had put on a coat, he was still wearing his pajamas and slippers.

As soon as he realized this, Joshua let out a bitter chuckle.

Lucas was right. He should have dressed up before leaving to see Luna and Malcolm. If he went without at least making himself look decent, then the Landry and Quinn families would know that they had succeeded in breaking him down.

Joshua let out an exhale and returned to his room.

Lucas quickly summoned the servants to help Joshua change, shave, and put on some cologne.

In the past, Joshua had despised it when Lucas helped him get ready like this, but at this moment, he remained motionless as he obediently abided.

Joshua’s gaze was fixated on the direction in front of him, and no one knew exactly what was going through his mind.

Ten minutes later, as soon as he was finished getting ready, Lucas brought Joshua over to Quinn Mansion. When they arrived at Quinn Mansion, the servants were already decorating the venue.

“A few days ago, I was worried that Ms. Luna would refuse to marry Master Quinn. After all, he’s paralyzed now and can never walk again. To marry him would mean that she would have to take care of him forever.“

“Well, didn’t Ms. Luna promise to marry him in the past? She can’t possibly go back on her word, can she?“

“I guess you’re right. After all, Master Quinn had taken great care of her when she was injured, but now that he’s going through his difficulties, she can’t possibly ignore him.“

“These two have been through so much together. They’re really a match made in heaven…“

The servants were discussing this joyous news as they decorated the front door of Quinn Mansion with streamers.

The first thing Joshua saw and heard was this when he got out of the car. As soon as he heard their conversation, he grew enraged and immediately tore the streamers down. “Tell Malcolm Quinn to come out right this instant! “

How dare Malcolm devise such a despicable plan with the Landry family to threaten Luna and even order the servants to compliment him and Luna together?

“Who are you? Do you know what place this is?“ One of the servants stormed forward in anger but was stopped but the rest.

They lowered their voice and whispered, “This man is Joshua Lynch, the man who almost bankrupted the Landry family in a week.“

As soon as they said this, the servants shut up and did not dare say anything further.
The head supervisor furrowed her brows and said, ” Are you here to see Master Quinn? I’m afraid you can’t do that at the moment. He’s injured and is resting now.”

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