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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1381

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1381

Luna widened her eyes in shock at this sight.

She quickly put on her coat and slippers, then scurried downstairs.

When she stormed into the yard, Hunter’s whip was still cracking against Malcolm’s skin.

Malcolm gripped the edge of the table tightly and spat in a low, hoarse voice, “Even if you beat me to death…I won’t marry Luna. her heart doesn’t belong to me, so I refuse to let her suffer…

“I don’t need her to sacrifice her happiness to pay me back for saving her. I insist on canceling the engagement. I don’t want to marry her! “

Granny Quinn grew even more enraged when she heard this. She glared at Malcolm and snapped, “ Hunter! Whip him harder, as hard as you can!

“The Quinn family doesn’t need a good -for-nothing like you! I thought he’d be the pride of our family, but as soon as I demanded him to marry Luna, he tried to escape, then got into an accident and was rendered crippled!

“Now that he’s crippled, the only useful thing he can do for our family is marry Luna, but he refuses to do this! Even before his accident, he had always been rebellious, but he’s gotten worse now that he’s crippled!

“There’s no use in letting him live anymore, so beat him to death! “

Hunter could not help cackling when he heard this. “ All right, Granny. Let me show you what I can do! “

Smack! The whip landed on Malcolm’s face.

When Luna finally rushed over, the whip had already split Malcolm’s skin apart, spraying blood everywhere.

A few droplets of blood landed on Luna’s face. She bit down on her lip and shielded Malcolm’s body with her own. “Stop! Stop beating him! “

“Luna…“ Malcolm, who was lying beneath her, said in a weak voice, “Why did you come out here? Listen to me and go back inside. This is a private matter within our family… It has nothing to do with an outsider like you.“

“How is she an outsider? “ Hunter snickered. “Will she still be an outsider even after getting married to you?“

Malcolm replied hoarsely, “Don’t talk nonsense like that. I won’t marry her, and she doesn’t want to marry me either, she— “

“I want to marry you.“ Tears streamed down Luna’s face as she continued to shield Malcolm’s body with hers. “I ‘m willing to marry you! Stop beating him, please! “

Malcolm’s legs were already paralyzed, and with him placed on this table, he was not even capable of escaping on his own.

He would surely be beaten to death if they continued whipping him like this!

Moreover, the reason he was subjected to this torture was simply that she had gone back on her promise to marry him!

Luna held Malcolm close to her and could not stop apologizing, “It’s all my fault, Malcolm. I shouldn’t have gone back on my word, and I shouldn’t have forgiven Joshua so easily. I shouldn’t have set aside the debt of gratitude I owe you…“

It was all her fault. If she had not forgiven Joshua so easily, this would not have happened.

She treated Joshua like her entire world and was even willing to go back on her promise to the Quinns because of him, but what did he give her in return?

All he had given her was negligence, coldness, and a lowly status that could not even match up to the hatred he bore for the Landry family.

Therefore, why should she become an ungrateful person for a man like this?

Why should she let Malcolm, the man who had rescued her many years ago, suffer the consequences of her actions?

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