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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1380

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1380

Malcolm gripped her wrist and let out a sigh. “Ms. Heather Landry is now the person in charge of the Landry family. If you get on her bad side, it’ll be equivalent to offending the entire Landry family.“

With that, he exhaled and lowered his voice, saying, “ Even though your heart still belongs to Joshua, to some people…you’re already my fiancée. My accident has already brought enough problems to the Quinn family. Please, don’t cause any trouble on behalf of the Quinn family because of me anymore.“

Luna froze in her steps when she heard this. She closed her eyes and let out an exhale, then turned to glance at a corner of the restaurant.

Hunter was seated there, his legs crossed while he sipped his wine with a smirk.

Luna let out an exhale and gave up on her thoughts of chasing after Heather.

Hunter was watching them, and she could not let Malcolm lose his status within his family because of her.

“I’m sorry I acted so rashly.“ She turned and wheeled Malcolm out of the restaurant.

Throughout the journey from Lucky Den back to Quinn Mansion, Luna felt like her entire mind was tangled with thoughts.

She lay on her bed and could not help recalling Joshua and the woman named Heather.

While on the way home, she had asked Malcolm about this woman.

The Landry family only had one daughter, and her name was Heather.

Heather was probably the other daughter that Joseph and Natasha had.

This meant that she was…Luna’s biological sister.

However, every time she recalled the unpleasant experience between her and Heather, Luna could not help feeling disappointed and unwilling to meet her.

Perhaps, it was written in the stars that she could never grow close to her family members at all. No matter Joseph, Natasha, Aura, or Heather, all of them bore hatred toward her and never thought of her as family.

Not only that…

This was the same in her relationships.

As soon as she thought of this, Luna could not help recalling Joshua, as well as the words he had said.

She tossed and turned for an entire night, unable to sleep.




All of a sudden, a loud noise came from the yard. It sounded like…

It sounded like a whip cracking.

Luna froze for a moment, then quickly got up and headed to the window, so shocked by the sight before her that she was rendered speechless.

Downstairs, Granny Quinn was sitting cross -legged in an armchair, watching the sight before her elegantly. Across from her was Malcolm’s wheelchair, but it was empty.

Between them was a large table, and at this moment, Malcolm was sprawled across it, shirt less with his muscular back exposed.

Next to him stood Hunter, who whipped him repeatedly across his back.

The leather whip, which contained a steel chain within it, smacked across Malcolm’s naked back over and over, causing a deafening sound and leaving deep, red marks in its wake.

Despite the darkness, Luna could still see that Malcolm’s back was covered in so many wounds that it looked like a fishing net!

As he whipped, Hunter even barked, “How dare you demand to cancel the engagement? I spent so much time and effort bringing her back, but you want to cancel the engagement? This marriage is what she owes us, but now you want to give her freedom?

Even if you agree to these terms, this doesn’t mean we will! “

Granny Quinn scoffed. “Hunter, whip him harder so that he’ll never dare to say those three words ever again! “

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