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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1376

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1376

“I want to calm down for a while.“

With that, Luna turned around and entered her room, slamming the door shut behind her.

Luna lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling as tears streamed down her face, wetting her pillows in the process.

Luna had told Joshua about her promise to marry Malcolm before. In fact, she had told him about it many times.

Just the day before she was kidnapped, she and Joshua were cuddling in bed when she hugged his back and whispered into his ear, “What do you think I should do about my marriage promise with the Quinn family? Do you want to go with me to the Quinn family to apologize to them? I’m worried they might kidnap me and force me into marriage. If that happens, what should we do?“

At that moment, Joshua had turned around and pinned her down on the bed. “Do you think the Quinn family will dare take you away and force you to marry Malcolm while I’m here?

“On the other hand, I’ll never forget about the kindness that the Quinn family showed to you and the kids in the past. Once I’m done with my work, I’ll visit them to thank them as well.“

As soon as she recalled this, Luna could not stop her tears from falling.

What happened to the promise he had made?

Joshua knew perfectly well what the Quinn family’s plan was for kidnapping her after Malcolm’s accident, yet he did not come to find her.

Not only that, but he even made her wait.

Luna had to wait until he was finished dealing with the Landry family first before coming to get her.

In a week’s time.

How ironic.

Yesterday, Granny Quinn had told her that she would only give Luna a week’s time to decide whether she wanted to marry Malcolm or not, but today, Joshua wanted her to wait for another week.

Luna closed her eyes, and a self-deprecating smile played on her lips.

She had been through so much hardship and turmoil before finally knowing that she was the most important woman in Joshua’s heart, the love of his life.

However, she forgot to consider how highly Joshua placed importance on his relationships.

At this moment, Luna finally found out the truth.

To him, his relationship was much lower of a priority than getting revenge.

Well, since he wanted to get his revenge, then let him be.

It was him who had given up on her.

She would never give him another chance!

Inside a five-star hotel in Merchant City.

After hanging up the phone, Joshua turned and glanced at Lucas, who was typing on the computer. “ Did you manage to trace the location?“

Lucas lowered his head and nodded. “Yes, I traced it. Ma’am called you with a burner phone; it was registered under a servant working for the Landry family. Also…“

Lucas let out an exhale and continued, “According to the IP Address, her signal came from the Landry Mansion, inside the room of the Landry family’s eldest daughter, Heather.“

With that, he lifted his head to stare at Joshua. “ Heather didn’t lie to you. She said she would let Ma’am contact you today, and she really did.“

Joshua narrowed his eyes. “Fulfill her request. Order the raw material suppliers that stopped working with her this morning to resume their work with the Landry family.“

“Yes, Sir.“

Inside the Landry Mansion.

The head of the Landry family, Charles, hung up the phone and let out a sigh of relief. “The companies that Joshua had cut off have resumed their operations now.“

With that, he lifted his head to glance at the beautiful lady sitting next to him. “Being able to talk to people like Joshua and convince him to show us mercy should be credited to you, Heather. Tell me, what do you want as a reward for this?”

Heather bit her lip and immediately kneeled on the floor. “Father, what I did for this family is a responsibility, so I don’t need to be rewarded.

Nevertheless, if you really want to reward me… I hope that Luna, the person who killed you and Mother’s real daughter, will be punished so that I can avenge Aura’s death.”

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