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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1374

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1374

By the time Luna changed her clothes and came out from Cold Jazz Restaurant, all she saw was the taillights of Joshua’s black Masevati.

The car disappeared and turned into a black dot just seconds later.

Luna stared in the direction of the car before a twinge of disappointment seeped through her heart.

She tried her best to see him…but all she saw was the cold—blooded side of him.

She pitied Malcolm, who had flung himself from the wheelchair and fallen on the floor so that Luna could have an excuse to leave Quinn Mansion to see Joshua.

Luna picked up the broken pieces of her broken heart, took a deep breath, and went back to the hospital.

At the hospital, Malcolm was reading in a wheelchair underneath a lamp. The book that he was reading had been a gift from Luna, and it was a book on the basics of jewelry designing.

When she walked into the room and saw him engrossed in the book, Luna could not help but laugh. “I recommended five books to you, but you’ve only reached the third book? How many years has it been? If it’s tough for you to read, why force yourself to finish it?“

Malcolm smiled and put away the book. “I just wanted to learn more about what you do for a living.

Whenever I see you working, you’re always so concentrated. It got me thinking, is designing jewelry the most interesting job in the world?“

With that, he laughed at his own words and added, “ Maybe I’m too simple-minded to understand the things that you like.“

What he just said warmed Luna’s heart.

She bit her lower lip and smiled wryly. Then, she pushed Malcolm’s wheelchair and said, “Don’t say that. You’re very good at your job too—you’re one of the best. You don’t need to force yourself to learn things that you’re not interested in.“

Malcolm sat on the wheelchair and looked at Luna’s reflection in the elevator door. “But I want to know more about you.“

What he said made Luna’s hands, which had been holding onto the handles of the wheelchair, stiffen for a moment.

Luna bit down on her lip and said, “Malcolm, I thought some things don’t need to be said. I…“

Luna took a deep breath. “I remember that when we promised to marry in the future, I told you that if you found someone else you love in the future, I ‘ll leave. If I— “

“If you find someone else you love in the future, then l’ll leave as well.“ Malcolm interrupted Luna’s sentence and remarked, “Luna, I still remember. You don’t need to remind me. I know you’ve forgiven Joshua now, and you plan to be with him. I’m not planning to stop you.“

Malcolm put his hand palm on top of Luna’s. “But does this mean I can’t try to get to know you better simply because you refuse to marry me?“

The warmth of Malcolm’s fingers spread through her body and pained Luna.

Luna opened her mouth, yet she could not find the words she wanted to say. Finally, she let out a sigh and replied, “Malcolm, you’ll find someone better than me in the future.“

Malcolm did not answer her. Instead, he stared blankly to the front and said, “Let’s go home.“

Luna shouldered all the complicated emotions in her back to Quinn Mansion. Finally, they were back in the courtyard.

When Luna handed Malcolm over to the servants in the courtyard and went upstairs, she saw one of the servants who served the main building of the mansion coming out of the yard and entering the main building.

She knew that Granny Quinn had sent the servant to spy on Malcolm and her.

That night, she did not sleep well.

She had nightmares. In them, Joshua had his back facing her as he argued with people from the Landry family. Joshua kept fighting and quarreling over and over with the Landry family, yet he never turned around to look at her.

Even when she was dragged into the abyss by the Quinn family, he never once turned to look at her.

Frightened, Luna woke up from the dream. She sat on the bed, soaked in her sweat.

“Luna. ” Suddenly, Malcolm’s warm voice came from the door. “I feel that you were a bit harsh when you said Joshua didn’t take you seriously yesterday. I don’t think he thought of you in that way at all, and you probably misunderstood him, so I got someone to find Joshua’s phone number. Do you want to come out and give him a call so that you can talk to him about this?”

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