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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1372

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1372


This was something Luna had been wondering about as well.

Since Luke had already passed on her message the day before, this meant that Joshua should have known that she was in Merchant City.

However, from the moment Joshua arrived at Merchant City…he had been busy targeting businesses related to the Landry family.

He did not target nor harm the Quinn family at all. Not only that, but he did not initiate any contact with the Quinn family to meet Luna.

Luna tried not to overthink, but, given the reality, it was hard not to dwell on her suspicions that…

Could it be that seeking revenge was a bigger priority than finding her to Joshua?

Was it so important for him to seek revenge on the Landry family that he could not even focus on tracking her down simultaneously and instead refused to find her before he succeeded in getting his revenge?

“What do you think, Mr. Lennon? “ Joshua curled his lips into a smile and continued in a calm voice, “Is there any difference between me coming to Merchant City for a woman versus my boycotting of the Landry family? What makes you think these are two separate events, Mr. Lennon?“

Mr. Lennon paused for a moment, then answered in a low voice, “Does this mean that this woman you deem important is related to the Landry family, Mr. Lynch?“

Joshua did not answer. Instead, he sat there elegantly and poured himself a glass of wine, then downed it in one gulp. “It’s about time that I punish the Landry family for the sins they committed.“

With that, Joshua tossed a stack of documents on the table. “Mr. Lennon, I have given you the price. If you decide to work with Lynch Group, I’ll give you a discount to expand your business to Banyan City.

However, if you insist on continuing your business relationship with the Landry family, then…perhaps you can join them when they go bankrupt.“

Mr. Lennon froze for a moment, then took the documents and signed them, wiping away his sweat a t the same time. “Mr. Joshua, I agree. All I’m saying is, why do you need to put in so much effort to harm the Landry family?“

“Feud of the century. “ Joshua took the documents that Mr. Lennon passed to him and stood up gracefully. “Also, the things that the Landry family has done recently were so despicable that it angered me.“

“So in the future…“

“In the future, I’ll use all my power to harm the Landry family.“

Mr. Lennon started to tremble when he heard this. “So… if you’re going to target the Landry family, then are you planning to connect or compete against the

Quinns, the other most influential family in Merchant City?“

Joshua gave him a faint smile. “If the Quinn family do not interrupt with what I’m going to do to the Landry family, I won’t initiate any interaction with them at all.“

With that, Joshua stood up and left.

Luna stood motionless as she stared at Joshua’s retreating figure. She could feel her heart sink.

She could not help but recall what Joshua had said.

‘If the Quinn family do not interrupt with what I’m going to do to the Landry family, I will not initiate any interaction with them at all…’

What did this mean? Luna was confused.

What did he mean by not initiating any interaction with the Quinn family?

Did this mean that Joshua refused to contact her, even though he knew she was with the quinn family?

Was taking his revenge on the Landry family far more important than her?

“Luna?“ Seeing that Joshua had left, Sylvia quickly gave Luna a push. “Why are you standing here?

Didn’t you come all the way for him? Go find him! “

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