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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1371

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1371

When Luna arrived at Cold Jazz Restaurant, Joshua and his business partner had already entered the private booth to start their business discussion.

Luna peeked into the room from the entrance.

She and Joshua had only been separated for a day, yet she missed him as though they had been apart for a century. At this moment, Joshua was sitting at the head of the table elegantly with his back facing Luna while he conducted the business meeting.

Every word that came out of Joshua’s mouth sounded frightening to others. Even though there was a door between them, Luna could still sense his strong and commandeering aura that made the entire atmosphere feel suffocating.

Luna had always found this personality trait of Joshua attractive.

“Luna?” All of a sudden, a soft voice rang out from behind her.

Luna frowned and turned around.

A woman dressed in a waiter’s uniform was standing behind her. Luna recognized her as a parent whose child also had leukemia, like Nigel—her name was Sylvia Watson.

“It really is you. ” Sylvia was excited to see Luna, and she pulled Luna to a corner. “Didn’t you leave Merchant City because of Nigel? Why did you come back here now? How is Nigel doing?”

Luna’s mind was still on Joshua, so she gave Sylvia a brief explanation of Nigel’s recovery.

Sylvia could not help lamenting, ”Who would’ve thought Nigel, who had such a rare blood type, managed to find a donor and underwent a successful transplant. In that case, I believe my child Sheldon will be fine, too…”

With that, Sylvia noticed that Luna was distracted as she kept glancing into the private booth and whispered, “Are you…interested in the people inside?

Luna immediately came to and nodded.

She wanted to see Joshua to make sure he would not stay mad at the Quinn family, but on top of that…he came all the way to Merchant City to find her. The least she could do was thank him for this.

“Are you trying to sneak a peek at the powerful Mr. Lynch like the rest of the girls?” Sylvia inched closer to Luna’s ear and whispered carefully, ” I’m the shift supervisor here, and I can give you a uniform so you can sneak in. However, to prevent my boss from finding out, you need to wear a cap and a mask to cover up your face. My boss pays a lot of attention to this person. He’s afraid that some outsiders will sneak in to cause trouble.”

Luna paused for a moment, then immediately grabbed Sylvia’s hand and thanked her, “Thank you. I promise to be careful.”

Sylvia smiled. ”There’s no need to thank me. Nigel taught my Sheldon so many things. The least I can do is return the favor in the form of helping you.”

With that, Sylvia brought Luna into the changing room.

Sylvia lied, claiming that Luna was one of the waitresses working there and needed to cover her face with a cap and mask because of urticaria.

Sylvia’s position in the restaurant was fairly senior. Therefore, what she said did not raise any suspicion.

With that, Luna managed to enter the room with a group of waitresses.

They arranged the food on the table, and, as soon as they were done, Luna and Sylvia stayed in the booth to serve the customers.

Luna stood directly next to Joshua so that if he turned his head, he would catch sight of her immediately.

However, Joshua did not move his head at all while he ate. Besides eating, all he did was discuss business matters with his business partner, Mr. Lennon, who was sitting across from him.

Joshua’s gaze never fell on Luna nor any of the other waitresses inside.

Luna did not know whether to laugh or be mad about this. She did not know whether to blame this man for not being quick on his feet or be grateful that he did not ogle other girls while she was gone.

“Mr. Lynch, I do not understand.”

A tipsy Mr. Lee started talking, “Today, you told the reporters that you’re here in Merchant City because of a woman, but you had bought out a few dozen

small to mid-sized businesses the moment you arrived here yesterday. Now, you still want to discuss acquiring more businesses… Are you really here for that woman, or are you here to wreak havoc on the Landry family?”

Mr. Lee’s words made Luna’s chest feel tight.

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